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I’m not sure how new this idea is but I just happen to see it this past weekend at the mall…special front parking for pregnant women. I’m, sorry but this is getting stupid and yes, I have been pregnant. With both my pregnancies I never felt like I needed “handicap” parking. What if a woman is 2 months pregnant or if someone parks there are is not pregnant but “claims” to be. What about someone who is just overweight and isn’t a little exercise good for pregnant women? I just think the whole idea is ridiculous. It’s just as bad as the front parking spots saved for “hybrids”. This trend is one that doesn’t need to happen. I can see it now…people suing over discrimination.

I’ve been unemployed for quite some time now…how about special parking for me. Being unemployed can be depressing and being depressed depletes your energy level. Since your energy level is down it is hard to walk long distances. Hey, when Christmas time comes and I’m not pregnant or own a hybrid, I need some gimmick to get a spot.



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  1. Handicap parking started because people in wheelchairs required a wide parking space for their special vehicles. That’s how it should have stayed. The idea has sort of morphed into a thought that there are other people with medical conditions that aren’t able to walk great distances. The irony is that even if you save a 50 yard hike outside by parking in the handicap space, you are still going to have to walk a good 250 – 400 yards inside (just like everybody else) to get to your final destination. So how are you handicapped?

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