Please, am I the only one that thinks this “Dear Whoever” letter shows just how stupid some women can be..she claims this-

She is 19

She is dating a guy she can’t stand (that is a quote)

He doesn’t respect her opinions

He makes fun of her taste in music and literature

He calls her religious beliefs “b.s” to her face (she is Christian and he is an atheist)

She does not feel comfortable with premarital sex…he does.


She states “she doesn’t know what to do”.

Uh…hellooooo…how can you NOT know what to do.

Why would you need to write a letter for advice?

Would a 19 year old guy need advice on what to do…I doubt it very much.

You state you “can’t stand him”…do you need to be slapped in the face (this is when Cher comes in handy…”snap out of it”)


C’mon women…be smart and show your independence. You don’t need to write a letter on this one…LEAVE HIS SORRY ASS!



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