Hot off the press

Ok…it’s Friday and I don’t have much to say but I had to pick something to gripe about. I was thumbing through my daily newspaper “The San Diego Union Tribune” and in the Business section there was an ad taking up about ¼ of the page in big bold letters “Take Sex to the Next Level”. There is also a picture of a woman dressed in all black (looking both sexy and tough) and it states “she commands your best sexual performance”. All this photo was missing was her holding a whip. Yes, I found out that Vazopren guarantees a spine tingling performance.

Now I’m in no way a prude, I’m all for sex but there is a right place to advertise. I thought I was reading the Star or the Enquirer and not my daily newspaper that little Timmy delivers on his Schwinn bicycle (no wait, that was 40 years ago). They do include on top of this ad (in smaller letters) “Adult Entertainment”…gee thanks. All you have to do is call the 1-800 number for your FREE bottle…how many curious testosteronic teen boys (and yes, some girls) are going to order, of course after reading their comic section.

Does your local paper have these ads? Like I said in the beginning…it’s Friday and I didn’t have much to say.


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