Speak Up

Have I ever mentioned this pet peeve of mine…I have so many I forget sometimes. Well…here’s a story, of an opinionated lady, who was bringing up what bothers her to the world- (you all better be humming the Brady Bunch song).

I had a facial yesterday but first asked to use the restroom…Ok, here comes my pet peeve. As I entered the ladies room I looked around for the purse hook and there was NONE!! Why…why!!! Does not everyone know that you don’t put your purse on the floor…ewwwww. The bathroom floor is no place for anything but the bottom of your shoes. Things splatter. So there I was having to multi task…go to the bathroom and hold my purse at the same time.

I then saw a woman and asked if she was the manager…she said “yes”. I told her I had a suggestion for her that was a pet peeve to me and proceeded to tell her about the purse hook. She could not believe it because this is also a big pet peeve of hers and was so surprised that her own business did not have a purse hook. But since it was her own business she never had to bring her purse into the ladies room. She was so appreciative to me and thanked me numerous times that I pointed that out to her. She found a hook in her back room to hang and was so excited to come and show me. Another woman then asked me “what else are we missing”. My new business – Critique’s Eye

Moral of this story – don’t be afraid to speak up. You may actually get a sincere “thank you”.


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