The dreaded “U” word

Here is a quote I received from a friend yesterday “And people who are employed and have been for years…have no idea or empathy what it’s like to be unemployed”.

It really is true, being unemployed for such a long period of time is much harder than I ever thought it would be. Then to hear Obama on Letterman last night saying we have another year of this is just devastating. (note: I thought Obama was great on the show)

This post is for all my unemployed readers who, like me, are still looking for work. I totally empathize with you and I wish you all the luck in the world. But in all honesty I think the whole world needs more empathy in general. Until you do walk a mile in someone else’s shoes you have no idea what their going through. I don’t like using the word “sucks” but being unemployed and trying to look for a job really does suck.

P.S – Does anyone have a job for me?


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