If I had to place a bet I would say most parents are against Obama’s idea of lengthening the amount of time kids go to school. I believe parents today are too coddling. I would also bet that some kids spend more time at football practice/game time then doing math or english in a week. Sorry, I’m one of those people that think scholastics are more important than sports.

I read that kids in other countries go to school 25 to 30% longer then the U.S. I’m not saying that’s all kids should do is school but even just adding a 1/2 hour a day and maybe cutting off a couple weeks of summer vacation may help.

“Our school calendar is based upon the agrarian economy and not too many of our kids are working the fields today,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

So lets see what you think-


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  1. Did you know that in Californias recently passed budget the budget for the state’s prisons were INCREASED while the budget for the school systems were DECREASED! Money was taken from schools and given to prisons, crazy!

    It does not really matter how many days or hours a kid is in school when the quality of the education is poor. Instead of funding war and prisons maybe we should be putting more money into schools, giving kids a better education, and possibly in the long run decreasing the need for such a large prison system.

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