My Hero Hugh

Anyone who reads the Daily Dalia (which everyone should daily…hence the name) knows how I feel about rude cell phone usage. Well, I absolutely LOVED this story in the paper about Hugh Jackman. Apparently while he was acting in his Broadway play “A Steady Rain” a cell phone went off and he was not happy…can you blame him. Breaking character Hugh stops and says “You want to get that” (the audience cheered). The ringing PERSISTED so Hugh says “Come on, just turn it off”. He then paces the stage and waited for the ringing to stop.

What are people thinking?? I’m sure in the beginning they asked everyone to silence there cell phone. Oh, wait…now they have to add “and no texting” also. For some strange reason people think that texting is not annoying. In a dark theater a bright screen is a joy, especially when they are sitting right in front of you!

I’m just hoping more people start speaking up like Hugh and yes, embarrass people for their rudeness of speaking on their cell phones in inappropriate places. C’mon America…get on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon!! Kudos to you Hugh!!!



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  1. DD I knew you would post about this and applaud! (with my phone off!)

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