A draw to Drew

Hollywood actress, producer and now, director, Drew Barrymore on the set of debut feature "Whip It."

I’m headed to the theater today to see Drew Barrymore’s first directorial debut…Whip It. I love Drew (and what a cool name…Drew). There aren’t many women in Hollywood I wish I was good friends with but she is on that short list; I just think she is a REAL person.

Now we all loved her in E.T…how could you not. The first time she saw the alien and screamed was when we all knew there was more to come. But then she had a rough patch of life (As Parade pointed out this past Sunday). At age 10 she was drinking and doing drugs…her Mom would take her to all-night hangouts at a very young age. At 13 she was in rehab and 14 she attempted suicide. She then moved in with David Crosby and his wife who helped her get back on her feet. At 15 she had sued her parents to emancipate herself legally from any relationship with them. Whew…I’m tired from just typing that, I can’t even imagine living it. At 14 I was devastated when a certain boy didn’t ask me out. Don’t I feel stupid now.

At age 34 she seems to have it all together now and I’m so happy for her. She is ADORABLE!! She has her own production company called…another really cute name…Flower Films 🙂

She received a sign from her favorite person that is on her refrigerator which reads “Happiness is a Choice”. She thought “that is so simple and yet complex and wise”.  Drew looks happy to me. So go check out “Whip It” …I will be reviewing it later on. Good Luck Drew on your movie!


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