When you wish upon a star

This past Saturday I spent 14 hours at the Happiest Place on Earth…yes, that would be Disneyland. It’s true; you walk through those gates and a smile magically comes upon your face. You can’t help but to feel like all your troubles are gone and Mickey will make everything better. I think of all the thousands of people there I heard only 1 kid crying…just that alone makes it a place you would want to go.

But…yes there is a but…I really think they should get rid of some old rides and bring in some new. My list of rides that should be banished from this kingdom are-

  1. Star Tours- It has to do with Star Wars…was that even a Disney movie.
  2. Honey I Shrunk the Audience – With all the new 3D Disney movies this one is now ancient.
  3. Winnie the Pooh ride – And this one is new…I think an intern designed this one. Wake me up when it’s over.
  4. Innoventions – Big mistake…I want Carousel of Progress back.
  5. Tarzan’s Tree House – Could have been so much better…not much imagination used on this one.
  6. Nemo – You can so tell this is a 100,000 Leagues Under the Sea leftover.

I think if Walt were alive he would agree with me on my list. If anyone in Disneyland Development is reading I am available for employment. I have ideas! Oh…and KUDOS to whoever thought of Buzz Lightyear…now that was genuis!!

Let me know what rides you think should leave and which should stay.


3 Responses

  1. Star Tours is getting revamped, and like Star Tours, Indiana Jones is also a George Lucas film.

  2. I think the haunted mansion should spend at least half a year themed as the NIghtmare before Xmas, not just a few months. They should get rid of the smoking area next to Tom Sawyer’s Island, I walked into it by mistake, Phewff!

    I agree with all your suggestions! I waited so long for Nemo and it was not great although I was not impressed with the submarine ride they had before the remodel!

    Thanks for talking about Disneyland, what a fun place! I went on my birthday ( for free this year!!) and everyone at the park kept wishing me a happy birthday, I felt good all day!!

  3. I love buzz light year!!!!!! Hershey park recently added a ride similiar …same premise only shooting at CANDY CANDY CANDY

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