#1 Tip

It’s been awhile since I gave a parenting tip so here you go. I would have to bet I have already given this all important tip since it is… the most important one of all. Not only is it my opinion but also the one of “Supernanny” (no, not Fran Drescher) so I must be right! When Supernanny was on Regis and Kelly last week she was asked “what’s the biggest mistake parents make” and her reply was…can you guess? I bet you know because I would bet all parents do it. C’mon…think a minute.

IDLE THREATS are my words…NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH are the Supernanny’s words…they mean the same thing.  Parents talk the talk but don’t then walk the walk. You must know by now kids are not stupid (only when it comes to subjects in school that bore them). They know if you say “we’re leaving the park if you don’t stop crying” and they continue to cry that you will most likely stay at the park. So what do they do…continue to disobey.  This follows through with teenagers; “if you don’t clean your room you’re grounded for a week”. Some parents may ground for a day but then cave in and don’t stick to the week…I’ve seen it done. If you don’t want to ground them for a week…don’t say it! If you’re not planning on leaving the park…don’t say it. You’re just making yourself look stupid.

I can even remember Marge telling Homer not to give an idle threat. You know Marge is right!


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