The other Marilyn

Ask Marilyn…have you heard of her? Her full name is Marilyn vos Savant and she has a weekly column in Sunday’s Parade magazine. She became famous because of her listing in Guinness Book of World Records for Highest IQ…now that’s pretty impressive!! People write in weekly with questions for this very intelligent woman. Now if you could ask the person who has the highest IQ any question, what would that be???

Well one person wanted to know something very deep…very profound…very mind blowing! Ok…here is the question – “Does nodding one’s head up and down mean yes in all cultures? How about shaking one’s head from side to side? Does that always mean no”?

Now I’m not sure I would waste my one question with that one but I guess it’s good to know when traveling around the country. If while checking into a hotel the clerk asks “would you like the penthouse at no extra charge” I want to know what direction to nod my head. Do you think you know the answer…are you as smart as Marilyn? Ok, here is the answer – neither is universal. Actually, in parts of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, their meanings are just the opposite!! Wow; she could have just possibly saved our lives.

Moral to the DD today – If you’re in another country, think twice before nodding your answer. Thanks Marilyn.


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