Fashion, turn to the left…

Precarious glam : A model presents an outfit by British designer ...

Women…this is what designers think we will want to wear next spring.  What do you think…will you be wearing these to work or out on the town? C’mon…these are just ugly. When I saw them they reminded me of an animal’s snout…maybe an emu’s?

I sometimes wonder about these fashion shows…I have always wondered “WHO WEARS THESE FASHIONS”? Is there a planet out there that women actually wear these clothes…is it Mars?  Are these fashion shows for aliens that are sick of their silver unitard? Honestly, I have been to New York and Los Angeles and I have never seen anyone wear this stuff.

runway2.jpg image by fashionising

And why do the runway models appear to be pissed off at the world. Is it because they have to wear these god awful clothes? Why can’t they smile anymore…they used to? And the walk has changed…now they somehow “clomp” down the runway. Is clomp a word…that is the word that came into my mind when I envisioned them “clomping” on down.

Let’s say you do your clothes shopping at Walmart…are there Walmart fashion shows?


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