In 1492…who sailed the ocean blue?

Today is Columbus Day and I honestly don’t remember as a kid if we had this day off from school. I do remember we had off All Saints Day (the day after Halloween) which was the best! We would laugh at all the public school kids because we got to sleep in after all that trick or treating. But back to Columbus Day…it’s not a huge holiday; I don’t see the stores stocking up on turkey’s, decorations but I do see that Macy’s is having a sale (but they use groundhog day as an excuse for a sale). So if you’re stuck at work today and resent it because others are off…kick back and read these Columbus Day facts. It will take you all of 1 minute.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 22 states don’t observe the holiday.

Colorado is the first state to have a Columbus Day (1905).

President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided the Depression could use a new holiday, and made Oct. 12 a federal one in 1937. Under President Richard M. Nixon, Columbus Day got moved to the second Monday in October.

South Dakota declares October 12 as Indigenous People’s Day.

Hawaii celebrates the more general Discoverer’s Day which actually refers to the Aloha State’s Polynesian founders

Tennessee, though, wins for creative calendaring: The Wall Street Journal points out that the state bumped Columbus Day to after Thanksgiving to create a four-day weekend.

I hope you learned something and that 1 minute was worth it.


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  1. I will add one, Columbus landed in America on October 12th but based on the Julian calendar. We now use the Gregorian calendar which makes his landing day October 21st.

  2. Ok the 1st thing is that Columbus day although not a very popular Holiday is a very important one in american history. If you research the Landing of Columbus ytou will find the reason for Christianity in the United States is all because of Christopher Columbus. Upon the sailing and finding America, he also brought to this great nation the missionaries who brought our religon to people of an untouter nation. they introducer praying and churches, as well as schools and hospitals. So do not knock Christopher Columbus holiday, it still is an important part of our heritage as Christians in America.

  3. sorry for putting your name on this one I meant to put mine made a mistake.

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