The San Diego Zoo

Last week I woke up and decided to go to the famous San Diego Zoo by myself. It’s the first time I visited a zoo solo and I must say it was kinda nice. What I liked most was that I could watch the animals as long as I wanted too (emphasis on the word “I”). Sometimes I can watch for an hour and other times I move on after a minute. I really do enjoy watching animals; they can be quite fascinating. My favorite at the zoo are monkeys/apes/ gorillas…I don’t know if they all belong in the same category but they are the most amusing. This guy below had the most amazing eyes…I could tell he had a wonderful story to tell me.


For some reason this trip the zebra’s grabbed my attention, I mean c’mon, look at those stripes. I would have to vote that the zebra is “coolest” looking animal.


This trip I actually got to see the Panda bear move. I have been to the zoo many times and every time I enter their exhibit they are sleeping. I always wondered if we were all being scammed and it was just a big stuffed animal. The same thing with the Koala bear…but I also got to see them move too. I guess it was my lucky day…or the zoo took out the fake ones and finally got the real ones!








I haven’t been to a lot of zoos but I have heard that San Diego’s is one of the best. I would highly recommend you stop by when you visit our city…the animals would love to see you.


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  1. San Diego zoo is without a doubt my favorite zoo ever! You just can’t top it…and I have been to plenty .

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