Have you ever read something and thought “it can’t be so”…and I’m not talking about something as insignificant as UFO sightings. What I read yesterday is probably the most unbelievable thing ever. There are kids out there that don’t like Halloween…little kids!!!! How can this possibly be? You get to dress up and get FREE candy…this is utopia for the everyday child. This one woman (I won’t say her name as to save her from being bombarded by the media) says she has hated Halloween since age 5. Maybe she is an alien that flew in on one of these UFO’s because not liking free candy is not from this world.

Samhainophobia…this is the word that means “fear of Halloween”. Now if that mean being scared when you watch the movie Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis as the babysitter who is terrorized by Michael Myers then yes, I have samhainophobia!

 I say if you don’t like Halloween then just turn off your lights and hope you don’t wake up with eggs on your front yard. If you don’t want to be vandalized then put out an empty bowl that say’s “please take one”…no one will know you never started with any candy in it. You can put a note saying “I broke my leg and can’t get up to open the door numerous times”. I think that is a genius idea.

I don’t hate Halloween but I do have a couple of pet peeves. You should stop trick or treating when you get to high school…if you are old enough to work then buy your own freaking candy. And when I open the door the least you can do is say “trick or treat” and not just stand there with your bag open. I bought the candy, I got up from watching my favorite show Glee to open the door…now it’s your turn to put some effort into it.

Oh…one more thing. I actually heard of a mother who is not letting her child trick or treat because of the swine flu. Am I the only one that thinks that is ridiculous… could that be considered child abuse??

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