Imagine that

The imagination in use

The imagination in use

This past weekend I heard my boyfriend’s daughter in her room with her friend giggling and giggling and then giggling some more. I was quite envious in a way; thinking back and missing those days of laughing at everything imaginable with my best friend. It seemed like anything could be funny when sharing it with your best pal. And yes, I think girls giggle more than boys…but maybe that’s another Daily Dalia topic.

About an hour later they wanted to share with me what they had been doing in her room. When I walked in I was “wowed”. They had made a whale with Sponge Bob sitting on top out of the coins in her jar. My first thought was how impressed I was that the imagination was used; something that I think is lacking in kids today due to video games. This whale started out as a debt of .75 cents owed to a friend then lining up the coins on the floor and wah-lah…a 7 foot whale! And can I ad that as they lay the coins one was heads up and the next heads down…and so on, and so on. How cool is that!

I know when I was a kid my imagination was used to the hilt…pong didn’t come out until later and even then it wasn’t that exciting. Remember that scene in Miracle on 34th street where the little girl had to be taught how to use her imagination because she didn’t know how to be a “monkey”. I bet lots of kids today could use that same lesson.


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  1. Hey I always suspected the kid was smart but this is just too cool!

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