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Yesterday my boyfriend and I were talking about how this year will probably be the last year his daughter (8th grade) goes trick or treating. We both agree that when you’re in high school you should be done with the door to door ritual…time to move on. Just hours later we were reading the paper and a woman wrote in to Dear Abby saying how the high school she works for was telling the kids that they are too old for trick or treating and to “get a life”. This woman disagrees and thinks it’s Ok for teens; they are having a good time.

Well, Dear Abby agrees with this woman and sees nothing wrong with teens trick or treating. If that is the case then what is the age cut off…20? I don’t know what makes me say that high school should be the cut off, I just do. I didn’t even want to trick or treat in high school…I grew out of it. I know as the “adult” handing out the candy I only enjoy the little kids coming to my door. Teens barely even utter the words “trick or treat”. They ring your door bell (usually in a lame costume…some not really even in costume) and stand there with their bag open…like you owe them. They have Halloween “tude”.

So I have to disagree with Abby on this one and I agree with the school…8th grade is a good cut off. What do you think-



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  1. Yeah I agree. After 8th grade kids should move on to egging and TP’ing houses. Time to give something back! 🙂

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