This Is It…really

I usually do my movie reviews on my “REVIEWS” tab but thought this one was worth the front page.

As soon as I saw the previews for this movie I knew right away I wanted to see it opening day…Michael Jackson’s This Is It. This is definitely it…the movie to see on the big screen! From the moment it started till the credits ended my eyes were focused on the true talent of MJ (as they sometimes call him in the movie).

Now put aside all your negative thoughts on what people accused him of (my gut still insists he is innocent) and just focus on his “good”. You can see in the movie the love he has for music, giving his fans a great show, the planet, his crew which he calls his family and just people in general. I have never been able to see MJ in concert so this gave me the feeling closest to what I unfortunately missed while he was alive.

What was my favorite song in the production…that’s like asking me which of my children I like the best. He has so many great songs and the execution of them all is just as wonderful. During the movie my boyfriend leaned over and whispered “he sure doesn’t look sick” which makes his death that much sadder because it was a “mistake”…his energy level was that of the MJ we knew in his 20’s.

So I would definitely recommend this movie…to all. My boyfriend is not a huge MJ fan but he is very glad he went to see this. After the movie ends there is no way in hell you will say “that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back”. Instead you will say “that was 2 hours of pure genius”.

My final grade is an A (and my boyfriend gives it an A too).


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