Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone….just a few of my thoughts for you.

Let me just ask…was I the only kid that thought every year the Great Pumpkin may show up for Linus? Seriously, I would hope each year, just like Linus, that THIS would be the year the great pumpkin would appear.  I’m not sure how old I was when I finally figured out that Charles Schulz was not going to change his mind.

Then the other night I watched Halloween for like the 20th time. I know when Michael is going to jump out and kill the next babysitter but yet I still scream. Why?

I have noticed that some adults enjoy Halloween just as much as they did when they were kids. I grew out of it and wonder why?

In all my years of trick or treating it NEVER rained…how lucky was I!!! What do people do when it is pouring outside?

I bought a Halloween decoration this year that says “trick or treat, smell my feet”. Who originated that saying?

Back to Peanuts…why did everyone give Charlie Brown a rock when he went trick or treating? He had a costume on so no one would have known it was him.

Does anyone else remember the Happy Days episode where Mrs. Cunningham made Joanie wear a coat over her costume because it was too cold outside?

Do they still sell those masks with the rubber band on the back?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…WHY for Halloween do all girl costumes become slutty. I don’t see guys wearing a Slutty Policeman’s costume.

Does anyone else have a thought or question?


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