Not sure who this guy is...and I don't really care

Let’s see…the score is 3-2 in the World Series with the Yankee’s leading. Can you tell I don’t have much to talk about since I brought up baseball. Yawn, snore! Even though I don’t like sports I am rooting for the Phillies since they are the underdog (did I spell rooting correctly…it doesn’t look right). So who is A Rod dating these days…now that is more my style. I believe it’s Kate Hudson?

Not only will I talk about baseball but now I will bring up football. Wow, 2 sports mentioned in one post. Watch below as Leonard “tries” to talk football but then he learns a FATAL truth about the game! God I love this show.


One Response

  1. How DARE you not route for the YANKEES…I’m telling ….tsk tsk

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