One week and counting

One week from today is my favorite day of the year…Thanksgiving! Now anyone that knows me knows I said that with sarcasm. I believe I did a post last year on the reasons I don’t like this particular holiday. As a quick reminder or for new readers here is my reason –  it’s a lot of work for a few minutes at the dinner table. That is my readers digest version.

But I am cooking a turkey this year and was wondering what everyone thinks is the BEST turkey. Is it the fresh, frozen, free-range, organic or Lutheran one?? I usually buy the frozen only because I like to shop early and don’t want to be in the supermarket basically the whole week before Thanksgiving. I would assume you would have to buy a fresh one within a few days…in my world waiting that long is procrastination. Once the bird is cooked I usually like to mix all my food together so I don’t think I would know the difference. I hear that fresh tastes more “gamey” and frozen is sweeter tasting. I have never had a free-range or an organic one but I figure a turkey that’s allowed to run around the farm may end up eating something nasty so I’ll choose the one that is forced to only eat corn. The whole process seems cruel either way. (this is why I really need to become a vegetarian).

It doesn’t matter which one you end up choosing…it’s still a day of “production”. And don’t even get me started on the clean up.



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