Receipt of receipts

Am I the only person that has noticed that receipts have doubled or even tripled in length? Am I also the only person that this annoys. I’m really trying to be as green as I possibly can. My big thing now is when I shop I don’t take a bag unless really needed; I’ll put it in my purse or just carry it out to my car. When in the mall I may get one bag but then put all my other purchases in that same bag. But now I need a bag just for all these looooooooooooooong receipts!

Seriously, think of all the paper that would be saved. Here is what I propose-

  1. First of all, cut down information that is actually on the receipt, we don’t need to know about online survey’s and a bunch of other crap that people don’t even read or just throw away. If the receipt was ½ the size, right there we are saving many trees.
  2. The person should ask the customer if they want or need their receipt. If you buy a candy bar or cup or coffee…do you really always need that piece of paper.
  3. All the debit cards should have a link that you can go to on line, put in your “code” and have the capability to print a receipt if you need to at some point.
  4. All stores such as Macy’s, Target, Home Depot etc.; they too could have an online site for printing receipts or if you need to return something they can have the capability to scan your credit card and the price tag and get all the information from there.

I do like Macy’s idea for “gift receipts”.  Especially around the holidays people ask for gift receipts (that’s doubling the paper output). Macy’s puts a tiny little sticker on the price tag in case a person needs to bring back. Way to go Macy’s!

I’m all for “every little bit counts” and I really believe cutting out receipts would make a greater impact then you think. The earth would benefit in two ways…by cutting down on paper usage and there would be less litter. It’s a win/win situation.


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