A kiss is just a kiss

Adam Lambert and male musician

Rumor has it that Adam’s kiss from the AMA show this past Sunday received 1500 complaints (did someone actually count). Did Madonna and Britney’s kiss get the same negative attention or does America have a double standard for same sex kissing on TV? We all know that most people are “OK’ or think it’s “hot” when 2 woman kiss but when 2 men kiss…well that’s a different story. I actually accept Adam’s kiss more because he is gay and Madonna is not.  What do you think-

UPDATE:  Now rumor has it that the person Adam kissed was actually a girl but my arguement still stands.


One Response

  1. I didnt see it but to me it depends on some variables. Mostly, I dont know what kind of audience they are trying to attract and what the kiss was like. If it was a peck then whatever i dont care but if they were making out than I would say no to that but I dont think any two people, regardless of the sex of the two people, should be making out on a show like that, like i wouldnt want to see two people slobbering it up on Nickelodeon but if it was HBO than thats fine.

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