I say side B!

As everyone knows Tuesdays are “new music” release days… I don’t really know why but it is done on Tuesdays.  Well today Janet Jackson released her “Number One’s” CD. While reading my Target circular and viewing the arrival of this album I immediately said out loud, “another one”! It seems like she, along with many, many other artists go overboard with “best of” CD’s. Maybe she needs to help pay for Michael’s funeral so she quick took her last “best of” CD, slapped on new cover and shipped it out to the stores.  I know Madonna also has a new “best of”…she’s another one that overdoes it. She may have added one or two new songs but it’s all a scam to get people to spend more money. And yes, even Cher put out a couple too close in time (she should have turned back time….lol, lol).

Do people still buy CD’s or have they become the “you actually buy CD’s” phrase of the year. I know most people just download albums anymore or like me, I buy “songs”. Hey, it’s a recession so I pick the hit and purchase that. I feel like I’m 7 years old again buying the 45 because that’s all my allowance will let me afford. Only now I’m an adult, the country is in a mess and I’m unemployed hence the purchase of a “single”. I did splurge the other day (it was Tuesday, release day) and actually bought the new GLEE CD…which I love.  (Wow, in this post I got to mention Cher and GLEE…cool).

I know this past summer I took off a month of writing the Daily Dalia and re-posted the “best of” but I wouldn’t do the same ones AGAIN…I’ll wait till I’m rich and famous for that. How about these artist’s put out “The Second Best Of”…like the side B of a 45. Cher…you are more than welcome to use my great idea.


When you wish upon a star

This past Saturday I spent 14 hours at the Happiest Place on Earth…yes, that would be Disneyland. It’s true; you walk through those gates and a smile magically comes upon your face. You can’t help but to feel like all your troubles are gone and Mickey will make everything better. I think of all the thousands of people there I heard only 1 kid crying…just that alone makes it a place you would want to go.

But…yes there is a but…I really think they should get rid of some old rides and bring in some new. My list of rides that should be banished from this kingdom are-

  1. Star Tours- It has to do with Star Wars…was that even a Disney movie.
  2. Honey I Shrunk the Audience – With all the new 3D Disney movies this one is now ancient.
  3. Winnie the Pooh ride – And this one is new…I think an intern designed this one. Wake me up when it’s over.
  4. Innoventions – Big mistake…I want Carousel of Progress back.
  5. Tarzan’s Tree House – Could have been so much better…not much imagination used on this one.
  6. Nemo – You can so tell this is a 100,000 Leagues Under the Sea leftover.

I think if Walt were alive he would agree with me on my list. If anyone in Disneyland Development is reading I am available for employment. I have ideas! Oh…and KUDOS to whoever thought of Buzz Lightyear…now that was genuis!!

Let me know what rides you think should leave and which should stay.

A draw to Drew

Hollywood actress, producer and now, director, Drew Barrymore on the set of debut feature "Whip It."

I’m headed to the theater today to see Drew Barrymore’s first directorial debut…Whip It. I love Drew (and what a cool name…Drew). There aren’t many women in Hollywood I wish I was good friends with but she is on that short list; I just think she is a REAL person.

Now we all loved her in E.T…how could you not. The first time she saw the alien and screamed was when we all knew there was more to come. But then she had a rough patch of life (As Parade pointed out this past Sunday). At age 10 she was drinking and doing drugs…her Mom would take her to all-night hangouts at a very young age. At 13 she was in rehab and 14 she attempted suicide. She then moved in with David Crosby and his wife who helped her get back on her feet. At 15 she had sued her parents to emancipate herself legally from any relationship with them. Whew…I’m tired from just typing that, I can’t even imagine living it. At 14 I was devastated when a certain boy didn’t ask me out. Don’t I feel stupid now.

At age 34 she seems to have it all together now and I’m so happy for her. She is ADORABLE!! She has her own production company called…another really cute name…Flower Films 🙂

She received a sign from her favorite person that is on her refrigerator which reads “Happiness is a Choice”. She thought “that is so simple and yet complex and wise”.  Drew looks happy to me. So go check out “Whip It” …I will be reviewing it later on. Good Luck Drew on your movie!

My Hero Hugh

Anyone who reads the Daily Dalia (which everyone should daily…hence the name) knows how I feel about rude cell phone usage. Well, I absolutely LOVED this story in the paper about Hugh Jackman. Apparently while he was acting in his Broadway play “A Steady Rain” a cell phone went off and he was not happy…can you blame him. Breaking character Hugh stops and says “You want to get that” (the audience cheered). The ringing PERSISTED so Hugh says “Come on, just turn it off”. He then paces the stage and waited for the ringing to stop.

What are people thinking?? I’m sure in the beginning they asked everyone to silence there cell phone. Oh, wait…now they have to add “and no texting” also. For some strange reason people think that texting is not annoying. In a dark theater a bright screen is a joy, especially when they are sitting right in front of you!

I’m just hoping more people start speaking up like Hugh and yes, embarrass people for their rudeness of speaking on their cell phones in inappropriate places. C’mon America…get on the Hugh Jackman bandwagon!! Kudos to you Hugh!!!



If I had to place a bet I would say most parents are against Obama’s idea of lengthening the amount of time kids go to school. I believe parents today are too coddling. I would also bet that some kids spend more time at football practice/game time then doing math or english in a week. Sorry, I’m one of those people that think scholastics are more important than sports.

I read that kids in other countries go to school 25 to 30% longer then the U.S. I’m not saying that’s all kids should do is school but even just adding a 1/2 hour a day and maybe cutting off a couple weeks of summer vacation may help.

“Our school calendar is based upon the agrarian economy and not too many of our kids are working the fields today,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

So lets see what you think-

So tell me, where do the children play

Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens

So the other day I heard the new T-Mobile commercial playing the Cat Stevens song and I thought “I like this song, let me see if Itunes has it”. I wasn’t sure of the name so I googled “Cat Stevens song Teen Mobile”. Little did I know that people are asking you to boycott T- Mobile because it is using a Cat Stevens song called “If you want to sing out, sing out”.

Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1977 and adopted his new Muslim name, Yusuf Islam. He was accused of being somehow associated with a terrorist group…I find that very hard to believe. Uh…have you heard Peace Train. He has been given several awards for his work in promoting peace in the world, including 2003’s World Award, the 2004 Man for Peace Award and the 2007 Mediterranean Prize for Peace.

After 9/11 he appeared on video condemning the attacks and sang “Peace Train” for the first time in public in more than 20 years. He donated a portion of his box royalties to the fund for victims families and the rest to orphans in underdeveloped countries. Oh…I see now…this is why we should boycott T-Mobile…how dare he do that!!!

Yusuf Islam

Yusuf Islam

In 2004 he was denied access into the U.S being on the “no fly list” and was detained by the Department of Homeland Security (the actual name on the list was Youssef Islam…his name being spelled Yusuf). In 2006 he was then let in the U.S . He then later wrote a song about his deportation called “Boots and Sand” recorded last year. (listen below)

I really think it’s OK to support T-Mobile. Cat’s cool. I don’t see how that voice could be harmful.

Save the Boobs!

October is right around the corner and I’m sure everyone knows (or should know) that it is Breast Awareness Month.  The NBCAM (The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization is a partnership of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services) is celebrating its 25 year anniversary in “09”. Good going!

A Canadian charity called “Rethink Breast Cancer” has recently come out with an ad “Save the Boobs” and some are saying they have gone too far. Is the saying true “any publicity is good publicity”. We do still have to get the message out. What do you think-