What the ????

I found out that I can now drive an hour from my house and legally have small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and heroin on me. So let’s see, this weekend do I go to the beach or head to Mexico for drugs. This is insane…they had photo’s in the newspaper of people injecting themselves with heroin on the streets of Tijuana. Do you ever read or hear something and just shake your head and say “huh”?

I have gone to TJ (that is what Californians call Tijuana) a few times to do the tourist thing, but lately the killings of innocent people from drug cartels has skyrocketed so there is no way in hell I would head for the border. And I really don’t want to be bargaining with the street vendors and see someone injecting themselves…yuk.

The thing is too that thousands of U.S college students go to Mexico each year because the drinking age is 18 (not to mention it’s very inexpensive). Now they can get drugs very easy…I’m so glad my kids have graduated college and have moved on.

So just a warning to you parents…keep your kids out of Mexico if you can.


Eden is right around the corner

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the new school year to start…did that make me a nerd? I don’t know any kid today that is excited today; is it a sign of the times or was I really the only one. But come to think to it I don’t think I was that nerdy because my excitement for going back was the social aspect of it all. I wasn’t this freak kid that liked homework. Even after the weekends were over I was always ready on Monday’s to go back.

And then there is the SHOPPING! I mean c’mon, going back to school shopping would give me goose bumps! I loved choosing my new book bag or lunch box…supplies would have to be my only excitement since I went to Catholic School. I think getting shoes was the big deal since we wore uniforms. Later on in High School I was then able to participate in the “back to school” clothes shopping extravaganza!

I love this Staples commercial… as an adult I love back to school even MORE! Now it means I have the house back to normal. Less kids hanging out, video game playing & TV watching…ahhhhh!!! BACK TO SCHOOL… at all ages, it’s always been music to my ears.

Octo NO

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I just read that Octomom’s reality show will start filming September 1st….damn! We all have to unite and not watch so the show is taken off the air…that is all I will say about this woman I do not like.

Allowance & Chores

I feel all children should have household chores starting as early as age 3 along with a weekly allowance. I have seen many adults who cannot manage money and wonder if they were ever taught in their youth. Parents…you are teachers! I basically gave my children birthday and Christmas presents, after that anything they wanted they had to buy on their own (minus clothes). Make sure kids also know they don’t get paid for every little thing they do. Some chores are part of being a family, some chores earn allowance and the bigger chores (and I mean BIG) then you can throw some extra $ their way.

I also feel children should buy family members gifts for birthdays and holidays with their own money. Again, this is learning how to budget!

Being able to manage money is one of the great lessons in life that your kids will thank you for teaching them…well maybe not as youths but as adults!

(originally posted April 25th, 08)

It shouldn’t be the sex that matters

The Daily Dalia has a gripe. I was talking to someone this week who was telling me he had 4 older brothers and one younger sister, the parents kept trying until they had a girl. This is my gripe (as my teeth grind), parents should have children to have “children”, simple as that. It should not matter in any way what sex the child is, why would it? I have 2 boys and am thrilled that I have 2 great kids, I really don’t care that one of them is not a girl.  When I hear the “perfect family” line when someone has two children, a boy and a girl I want to hurl. What makes a “perfect family” in this day and age, that is a broad statement. We have families of divorces, adoptees, gay parents, grandparents raising children, the list is endless. I think as long as children are raised & loved for who they are by loving people that is perfection!

(Originally posted May 23, 2008)

Mom deserves a medal

I was shopping in Target the other day and overheard a mom say to her daughter “You don’t get a treat for being good, that’s the way you’re supposed to be”.  I stopped and thought, how great is that.

I’m sorry but kids today are spoiled and they are just going to grow up and be spoiled adults, the world does not need anymore of them.

I will always remind you that being a parent is hard work! Disciplining may not make you popular but trust me, in the long run your kids will love & appreciate you more for it.

(first posted March 19, 2008)

Parenting 101 once again

I don’t go to a lot of kids movies but the last two weekends I have seen UP and Night at the Musuem: Battle of the Smithsonian. At the one movie the couple actually toted in a baby/toddler in an infant seat. I’m sorry, if your child is in one of those seats they are too young for a movie and they are not watching it…you are. If that child were to remain quiet throughout the movie then you are fine but it NEVER happens. The kid crys and I have to hear the parent constantly say “shhhhhh” and try to quiet him down. Then at the other movie the parents brought 2 children; one an infant and the other about 2. AGAIN…both were acting up and they did escort the infant out but left the other to whine throughout.

And don’t even comment that I should expect that at a kid’s movie and I should deal with it. No, what I do expect at a kids movie is maybe someone yelling out things here and there like “Mommy…why did he just do that” (I heard that this weekend). But whining and crying is not accepted and you should IMMEDIATELY leave when that happens. What I don’t understand is how a parent can actually continue to sit there…OMG, are they oblivious to the world. Have they not been taught common courtesy?

My plea…summer is here; it’s kid time. Parents; just because a person is a young age it does not give them the right to be obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and just plain bratty. You have to control them, it is your job. I know we are in a recession but this is one job you were not laid off from. It continues until they leave home!!! At the movie theater, restaurant or any public place your child should be taught manners and how to behave. If you are too lazy then do us all a favor and you and the family stay home.