Turn off your phones for the Rolling Stones

Here are a few statements, some from famous musicians, about cell phone usage at concerts. It’s called “MICROBORDOM” a term invented by a cell phone company to convince people they need to escape reality with their mobile gadgets.

1. “There’s definitely a problem where people are so busy documenting the moment that they forget to just live in the moment”.

2. “To me a gig isn’t supposed to be for posterity. You can’t see the world through a viewfinder”.

3. “Everyone has this strange archiving addiction now. It’s like they’re trying to pin a butterfly to a corkboard”.

4. “It’s a really interesting trend-instead of clapping, they’re blogging”.

5. “There’s a generational gap where people no longer know how to experience life without technology”.

6. “All these new toys, people have to play with them for awhile but ultimately, they’ll figure out how dehumanizing they are.


“In an age of multitasking, some wonder if electronic gadgets are really that much of a distraction – or the anti-cell  phone brigade is being crotchety”.


I think I am part of this brigade, I am a huge fan of music and this article hit me in a sad way.


(all statements taken from the The Dallas Morning News by Thor Christensen)


Dinner Dilemma

One question I didn’t want to hear when my kids were young was “What’s for dinner tonight”, this is a question many parents dread. I fixed that with this solution. Pick any day (I tried to be consistent and chose every Sunday) and make a menu for the upcoming week. Ask other family members for suggestions so everyone is happy. After making your menu you can then see what you need for your grocery list, next…and this is the most important part…you POST the menu! Kids can now look to see what is in store for them and to know if they have to call a friend and horn in on their better dinner. It really does make life easier (and you can switch a night or two around if you don’t happen to feel like meatloaf one night).