Mom deserves a medal

I was shopping in Target the other day and overheard a mom say to her daughter “You don’t get a treat for being good, that’s the way you’re supposed to be”.  I stopped and thought, how great is that.

I’m sorry but kids today are spoiled and they are just going to grow up and be spoiled adults, the world does not need anymore of them.

I will always remind you that being a parent is hard work! Disciplining may not make you popular but trust me, in the long run your kids will love & appreciate you more for it.

(first posted March 19, 2008)


Butt why should I?

Too many trees are being cut down just to make your bathroom experience more pleasurable…the fluffier the paper the more trees that have to come down. I honestly don’t care how soft my toilet paper is, and I don’t even go camping. But all you spoiled people out there that need comfort; you are cutting down even some trees from rare old-growth forests…some trees up to 200 years old. Yes, it is the fiber taken from standing trees that make your butt more comfortable. Paper can be made from recycled material but according to Georgia Pacific, maker of Quilted Northern, customers “demand soft and comfortable, recycled fiber cannot do it”. Sales were way up in 2008 so maybe people are not ready to go green yet in the bathroom. (that didn’t sound right)

This past Sunday at the Academy awards they were not using designer toilet paper. When the celebrities would leave the bathroom with some toilet paper stuck on their shoe and was asked “who are you wearing” they could proudly answer, “100% recycled toilet tissue”! Yes, the Kodak Theater is environmentally hip.

In many European nations a rough sheet of paper is deemed sufficient. C’mon, we can do it too. Just try it, you will get used to it. You can start slow…start with the ultra soft, then the next week you shop just go for “soft” and use that for about a week. Then the next week try recycled. At the beginning you may hate it but honestly, you won’t notice after a week. Let’s boycott all these foo foo papers!

To answer “Butt why should I”, not only will you save trees butt

Turning a tree to paper needs more water then turning paper back into fiber.

Polluting bleach is used for greater whiteness

Recycled paper produces less waste tonnage

There she is

Question: Who has it easier in life, men or women?

Answer: “God made us to share and have differences. Men think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight. Women know that the faster way to go to a point is to go to the curves”.


Yes, that is the answer the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant gave to her final question. And they say the pageant isn’t based on looks. And how many times is the media going to replay Miss America falling on her butt for the second year in a row and speculating if there is a conspiracy going on. Where is Sandra Bullock when you need her.

Speaking of odds, which will happen first…a woman president or the end of these damn beauty pageants?

Dear Dalia

I have a neighbor that has her head in the clouds, I would bet my bottom dollar she is dating a married man but she is blind to the situation. Here are just a few signs…and let me add they have been seeing each other for 4 years.

1.       Only sees each other one night a week (his choice, not hers) – yes they live in the same city.

2.       Never been on vacation together – not even an overnight getaway

3.       Won’t discuss the future with her – says he doesn’t know when he’ll be ready for kids or marriage so doesn’t want to talk about it – even though this is very important to her

4.       Hasn’t met most of her friends – and she hasn’t been introduced to many of his.

5.       He doesn’t encourage her to stop by unannounced- she feels like she is disturbing him – even if she is in the neighborhood!

6.       She thinks it is great if he hangs out with her on her birthday, or their dating anniversary.

 It saddens me when women either accept this but don’t have the courage to move on or if they are just so oblivious! Confidence is what this person lacks but how do we stop this vicious circle. I think of it as an alcoholic, they basically have to help themselves and usually that happens when they hit rock bottom. Hopefully then they will seek professional help or at least confide in their family and friends. My advice would be, end the relationship and take it one day at a time.

Does anyone have words of wisdom for this woman? 

I got it…Cell Booths

I know the subject has been beaten to death but we MUST stop rude cell phone usage…do Hillary or Barack have a platform on this subject?
I am literally going to go insane if people continue to talk LOUD on their phones. Tell me, what has changed, back in the good ole days when people would go into these private booths and close the door behind them so no one could listen to their conversations. Now I hear more about people’s sex lives, medical problems, plans for the evening, etc. then I prefer to know. I have left stores because I can’t take it. I purposely let these loud mouths see me holding my ears as they rant on but of course, they are oblivious. My boyfriend recently went to the movies and he said the girl in front of him texted throughout the movie with her bright cell phone light glaring (even texting can be rude). And then if you say something YOU are considered the bitch instead of the other person being rude.
DOES ANYONE HAVE THE ANSWER or am I just going to become a recluse?

Happy Memorial Day?

Not to ruin your holiday this weekend but like everything else, your Memorial Day BBQ is going to cost you more this year. Can’t the recession at least cut us a break as we observe our holiday, I guess not. Remember back in the day when you were a teenager and you had to pay a couple of bucks to get into a kegger party, well you may want to bring back that childhood tradition when you are having those bbq’s. Here are the stats…get out your caluculator to figure out what to charge. (my photo is an idea for anyone who is making cupcakes this weekend)!

Percent change of average price increase from 2007

1 lb. beef … 1.1 percent
8-hotdog pack …6.7 percent
8 burger buns…16.7 percent
8 hot dog buns…14.5 percent
1 lb. American cheese…4 percent
1 lb. Tomatoes… 8.6 percent
1 lb. Lettuce… 9.1 percent
16-ounce bag of chips…11.8
6-pack of beer… 1.2 percent
Soda, 2-liters… 10.8 percent
16.4-oz Propane cartridge…8 percent
Lighter fluid… 3.4 percent
Charcoal…1.4 percent
Ketchup..8 percent
Mustard…2.1 percent
Mayonaise…13.1 percent
Salad dressing…6 percent
Jar of pickles…4.9 percent
Paper plates…13.8 percent
Napkins…3.8 percent

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The WAVE (no, not at sports events)

Spring is here and that means taking the motorcycle out (actually I sit on the back while my boyfriend drives). I am new to the cycle world and actually enjoy it more then I thought I would, it’s amazing how much scenery I have missed while sitting in a car. I do have one major beef though…the wave! Who the hell started this annoying tradition. For anyone who does not know, you have to do this 2 fingers down kind of wave at EVERY bike that drives by you (although rumor has it Harley riders only wave to other Harley riders…there’s snobbery even in cycle world). Sorry but I’m not doing it…I drive a Mitsubishi car and I don’t wave at every Eclipse that drives by me. I am a very friendly person but this tradition is ludicrous.
(I’m close to buying a hybrid, does that mean I have to wave a green flag to every other hybrid driver)?