Gripe Session

We all have gripes (yes, I’m sure I have more then you). Here is a place to share with people what bugs you.




106 Responses

  1. Gripe – When someone leaves unused minutes on a microwave…CLEAR YOUR SECONDS! I just think it’s common courtesy.

  2. Gripe – When you’re dining in at a restaurant (for instance San Sai) and all they offer is plastic utensils.

  3. Gripe – When two or more people stop to talk to each other in a small hallway or doorway.

  4. Gripe-I buy gas and the pump cuts off at $75 …uh I have good banking habits, you would think the station would like to fill the balance of my gas guzzler?

  5. Gripe – When people pull up to a stoplight but don’t keep to the left side of the lane to allow cars behind them to turn right .

  6. Gappers, Don’t people know that signal lights on all major intersections are regulated by magnetic strips embedded in the road. If you lag or leave a large gap between you and the next car ahead of you that will trigger the light to turn red. So often I see somebody on the phone or putting on makeup and not paying attention to the traffic signals.

  7. Up selling
    Why does everbody up sell these days. Okay maybe I do want that ocean front room or that larger car at the rental place but if I wanted a 2 gallon beverage or 3 pounds of french fries with that hamberger I will order it. Oh yeah and heaven forbid I don’t take that super duper heavey duty teeth cleaning for my Daughters baby teeth over the standard cleaning that seemed to work for generations.

  8. Gripe – Short and sweet…Oblivious people.

  9. Grocery store pricing. The other day I was shopping with my daughter and she wanted some special item. I told her that was fine but to get a brand that was on sale. She came back with the item and told me it was on sale 7 for $10. I am sorry how much is that?
    Why can’t they say $1.43 each?

  10. As a Hispanic, my biggest gripe is when my fellow Hispanics refuse to learn the English language. This has nothing to do with being racist or ashamed of my culture. If anything, I embrace and love my culture. It’s a beautiful culture, but how can that ever be conveyed if we refuse to learn the English language. By not learning the language, we as a people, give up a great deal of power and influence in helping to shape this country for the future. We silence the hispanic voice and istead accept “what is” instead of fighting for what “should be”.

  11. Gripe – and yes , another car one. You’re backing out of a parking space and your at least 1/2 way out and a car just zooms behind you because they don’t want to wait 5 seconds for you to finish!

  12. Gripe – When your fiance goes to Vegas and leaves you home alone.

  13. Gripe – Especially in a movie but when people use their normal voice when whispering is what should be used.

  14. Driving on the 78…I always feel like I’m about to get in a pile up…and I love all cultures

  15. Gripe – People who let their dogs bark continuously (or don’t reprimand them when they jump on you).

  16. Gripe – When people don’t take no for an answer

  17. when CNN type spin doctors all forecast what THEY think will happen in election…come on they have no clue!! do you think they could have forecast the steps of the supreme court, Hilary loosing, McCain’s come back, voting issues in Florida. I like when CNN reports on the facts and shows the magic map…but pontification on the outcome no one knows what is going to happen!!..please no more conjecture from the spin doctors or the candidate supporters.

  18. Three words that I am sick of hearing.
    Hilary, Obama , McCain
    Thats it, everything else in life is fine.

  19. Hills gripe about CNN reminded me about one…

    Fox News using “Fair and Balanced” as their tag line when everyone knows it is slanted right, and by slanted, I mean tipped over completely to the right.

  20. Gripe – When single women start dating someone seriously and then totally forget about her friends!!

  21. Gripe -When you’re watching a really good episode of LOST and the hour is up!!

  22. For one, I love the new graphic of Grumpy. It’s perfect!

    Gripe – When someone is walking in an inconsistent line on the sidewalk in front of you, so that you can never pass because they keep going in front of you.

  23. Gripe – When I am watching something funny with another person and that person looks at me every time s/he laughs. So frustrating!

  24. When people use the “15 items or less” checkout lane when they clearly have more! If you have to count get the heck out!

  25. When your reading an article in a basic low end newspaper like the UT and you say DUH I know that!!!

    “The market is cyclical, you know that,” he said. “There’s no quick fix. There’s no silver bullet.”

    A key hurdle to the recovery is the recent surge in home foreclosures, he added. “Before the market can take off, we’ve got to get through these foreclosures.

    Teach me something new UT


  27. When you tell your hair stylist what you want and it’s like they had cotton in thier ears…does “leave the length” not explain it well enough!

  28. Gripe – Louis Vitton purses, luggage, wallets…anything with LV!

  29. Gripe – When someone is pointing to something on my computer and they TOUCH the screen (leaving finger prints)…you just have to point, you don’t have to touch!!

  30. Gripe – May Sweeps…knowing that reruns are ahead of us for the next 4 to 5 months.

  31. Moron cage dwellers (car drivers) that crowd the lane divider dots on the freeway. Lane splitting is legal in CA…..Get off the damn phone and drive. If you can’t drive and talk on the phone at the same time… us all a favor and pick one task to focus on….

  32. Gripe – When I am watching a movie with someone and they fall asleep!

  33. Gripe – PAINTING a room,…I did it for the first time and lasted about 10 minutes…YUK.

  34. when someone try to tell me American Galdeators is real….come on bro that show is so staged it reminds me of The Hills

  35. Gripe – When the movie blows and I fall asleep and my significant other gets upset.

  36. People who don’t RSVP in a timely fashion. Are you coming or not????Are you waiting for something better to come your way???

  37. Gripe – When you walk into a store and EVERY single employee asks you if there is anything you need help with. UGH…assign that task to ONE person.

  38. Gripe – When you walk into a store and actually need an employee for help and there aren’t any around, and when you walk in to simply browse, EVERY single employee is available.

  39. When you are on line filling out something and you have to type in (copy) that code word and you can’t figure it out because the letters are so close to eachother!!

  40. When a gas station has arrows that you can only go ONE WAY but of course, people go the opposite way so the gas tank is on the right side for the pump. Rules are rules people…even if you don’t like them.

  41. Gripe- Gas stations with arrows.
    Gripe- what ever happend to the gas filler being behind the lic. plate. It did not matter which side of the pump you pulled up on.

  42. Gripe – LA TRAFFIC!!!

  43. Having to scroll down through all the girpes to see if there is a new one. Is it possible to have the new ones on top? That would be cool but I am supposed to write that in the WHATS COOL section.

  44. My new gripe is one word HOLLISTER..I can’t tell you how much I HATE that store..I took my 10 year old and her good friend shopping yesterday and she forced me to go in there with her not knowing that it would be my last time.

    1. Music WAY too loud …I mean over the top loud
    2. Lights WAY too low…I can’t see the prices
    3. Over priced garments with very cheap fabric
    4. Dressing room issues. (which includes not letting the two girls in the same stall after waiting 10 minutes, I had to wait another 5 minutes until another stall became available. There were only 3 stalls with a large stall at the end not being used. It had a curtain..not a door. I went to use it only to be stopped by the attendant telling
    me it wasn’t allowed. UGH….NEVER AGAIN. It might be even worse then Abercrombie

  45. Every time the Republicans think we need to drill off our coasts to placate gas price Hysteria..we need to make other changes before we do that again

  46. I just want to agree with the last two gripes and second the notions.

    Hollister…HATE IT! This is why I love H&M, good lighting, regular music and I’ve been asked if I want to share a dressing room with a friend. Hollister is the epitome of what is wrong in the world today. The other part I don’t like about Hollister stores are the little rooms they use. I feel like I’m always missing out. It’s all a scam!

    Oil Drilling! Drilling for more oil in precious and sustained natural environments like oceans or Alaska is not a solution to oil prices right now. Building the infrastructure for such drilling will take time and is no the solution. Additionally, a lot of the production issues are with refineries, not drilling. The refineries need investment so they can produce cleaner fuel, in a cleaner fashion and at a regular level.

  47. Gripe – The Tyra Banks Show winning Best Informative Talk Show…you have got to be freaken kidding me!!She is so tacky…I thought the Daytime Emmy’s were of a higher standard. Tyra Banks…UGH.

  48. Gripe – UNPACKING…definitely 10 times worse then packing. Now I have to figure out where to put all this crap!

  49. Gripe – When stores put their sticky price tag on the glass of a mirror, picture, frame, etc. I mean cmon, why can’t the sticker person put it on the back so you don’t have to deal with getting it off. Check out my QUICK TIPS tab for the answer to getting it off pretty easy (but it’s still would be better on the back).

  50. When your in a store like THE GAP and you want to try something on and the dressing rooms are locked, their is no employee around and you have to go hunt for someone to unlock the door.

  51. CATS!

  52. When women instist on wearing sandals and not painting their toenails – or worse having icky half-on/half-gone polish. Good Lord, it takes like 10 minutes and lasts like a week. Do us all a favor!

  53. FLIES!

  54. Too many speed bumps in parking lots.

  55. I can’t stand it when I’m constatnly in the way of other customers at Costco and Rubios

  56. When your watching a show (TNT is famous for this) and they keep showing you other shows on the bottom of the screen…ugh!

  57. When telemarketers call your personal cell #

  58. Sarah Palin

  59. When you purchase a picture frame or something comparable and they put the price tag on the glass…put it ON THE BACK!!!

  60. Dealing with insurance companies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. your hair dresser never getting it right !

  62. growing out of clothes and shoes

  63. when your mother forgets all your friends names.

  64. When people leave a amessage saying “call me back” when they can just give you the info right there and then…UGH!

  65. When people ask for driving directions …UH…have you heard of mapquest!

  66. Albertsons has a charger medallion promotion running for 17 weeks and it is so poorly administered by employees in the store corporate should clamp down. for 17 weeks a new $2.99 Charger player medallion comes out on Wednesdays. The staff has no ideas where they are who it is and tells you you cant buy one at the register you have to goto CS desk….come on the promotion gets me in the store each week get your S together.

  67. When you go into a bathroom stall and there is no hook for your purse! This means you must hold it because you NEVER put your purse on a bathroom floor!!!

  68. Gripe – Effin Disney……. In business for years and still can’t figure out basic logistical principles. Been on hold for 35 minutes with the “Resort” in Orlando to change a reservation. Apparently the morons in Orlando can’t figure out how to get me to the right department (Group Reservations)….and the greatest thing is how I get to hear about the year of a million dreams over and over again……..More like, the year of a million nightmares. But it gets better, every time one moron hands me off to another moron each of them tell me to have a “magical” day.

  69. Having to scroll all the way down the page to read the latest gripes.

  70. wintertime

  71. I have to laugh at NJ’s Gripe…wintertime. I have lived there and I concur!

  72. Scrolling all the way down just to read Kneedragers complaint on scrolling down.
    Had he read his way down he would have seen that gripe toward the top.

  73. Uh…..Halloween altogether…….I was over it at 12 years of age. Must it continue?

  74. Prop 8 passing…how can people be so f—— cruel. This is my biggest gripe yet!

  75. Two wideloads walking slowly side-by-side on a narrow sidewalk…..Single file up morons, I’ve got places to be and while I appreciate your relaxed pace, you should respect my desire to get by and not flip me attitude when I politely say “excuse me”.

  76. I sooooooooooooo concur!

  77. Gripe – It’s frustrating to see the misuse of “your” and “you’re” on a daily basis. C’mon Dalia…”your” shows ownership like YOUR shoes or YOUR purse.
    “You’re” is a contraction for YOU ARE, i.e. when YOU’RE in the Gap or while YOU’RE watching tv. You have missed the correct use in your posts!

  78. Gripe – Tipping less than 18% to a deserving server

  79. Robin…thanks for pointing that out…I never aced English class. My son had to keep pointing out to me that it’s not “alot” its “a lot”. Maybe when I become famous you can be my editor!

  80. Sales clerks who don’t say “Thank you”

  81. Watching Top 20 Video Countdown on VH1 and they only play a sample 20 seconds of a video rather than the entire video.

  82. Finding a cat hanging out on top of your car.

  83. To finish stuckn70’s gripe (3 above) when you say “thank you” at the end of a transaction (like I normally do) and they just say nothing. Today I was in Albertson’s and at the end I said “thank you” and the cashier just continued to talk to the bagger . I then had a conversation with myself and said “your welcome, would you like help to your car, no thank you”. I think the bagger heard my sarcasm.

  84. When I’m sitting in a movie theater (along with only ONE other person) and two people walk in and sit right behind me!!! You have 200 seats to pick from and you choose to sit right behind me and proceed to talk!! (Yes, I moved)

  85. Not only someone’s phone ringing in the movies but they actually answer it and have a conversation. On top of that they weren’t even whispering, but talking in a normal voice. This person should be banned from all theaters for life!

  86. People clipping their fingernails in public spaces when you’re sitting near them, such as in a subway or a park bench. It is disgusting and should be done in the comfort of one’s own home.

  87. Having to do your taxes…even if you are getting money back it’s still a pain in the ass.

  88. People that don’t wash out expensive paint brushes. Come to think of it, even cheap ones which are meant to be thrown away should be cleaned at least once.

  89. I consider myself a VERY good tipper…at least 20%. But I hate the “Tip Jar”….Why should I tip someone at Dunken Donuts who made me coffee.. Do I need to tip someone who hands me a bag of bagels at the bagel shop???????. Where does it end….Do I put a quarter in a jar when someone hands me and ice cream cone? Let’s not forget why we tip..For a job well done NOT just a job.

  90. When someone calls their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner, soulmate, whatever situation you are in…baby! “Oh baby…..blah, blah, blah”. To me it is like fingernails on chalkboard.

  91. When people are late and do not apologize or even acknowledge their lateness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Those STUPID lines at Disney waiting for a character to sign autographs UGH….NO AUTOGRAPHS PLEASE..just take the freakin picture and move on.

  93. People that tailgate me in the slow lane. There’s 3 lanes people! I want to chill and wind down after work. I’m done doing 90 mph for the past 10 hours at the office. If I want to drive 55 on my way home, go the hell around me. I’m In the old person, crappy car, dangerous cargo, leave me the hell alone lane. One day there’s going to be an accident and I’m gong to cause it on purpose!

    Oh damn I’ve turned into my father…

  94. When somebody pours their coffee at 7-Eleven and then proceeds to add their sugar and cream, stir and put on their lid right in front of the pot instead of shifting to the side to allow other access to the coffee!

  95. When I pull up to a gas pump simultaneously with another vehicle in front of me and they stop at the first pump instead of pulling all the way forward. Now I have to go AROUND them and back up into the spot. OMG…people are so stupid!!! Even if there isn’t a car behind you it’s the NICE thing to do.

  96. My gripe is needing my personal designer here in South Carolina and she is out in Southern California! Cher cool!


  97. Ryan Seacrest screwing up my favorite show!!!!

  98. I went fishing with a friend of mine in a spot barely big enough for the 2 of us. A guy and his wife come down and I ask, “Are you actually going to try to fish here? There’s barely enough room for the two of us”. He replied I have a fishing license and yes I’m going to fish. I told him that it’s clear a fishing license allows you to fish, but it clearly doeasn’t give you manners or common sense. My friend and I left but I should have stayed and purposely tangled his line. But I’m better then that.
    F him!

  99. They don’t have the Rice Krispie Treats recipe ON the Rice Krispies box! I know it’s easy but still…I want to know how many marshmallows and margerine to add.

  100. I have a strong opinion of being charged by the pound to fly.
    Every single thing in the world that we ship is based on weight and or volume. People seem to think they are above being considered freight. When we are transported from place to place that’s all we are is freight. There is absolutly nothing wrong with being charged by the pound to fly.

    I say get over it!

  101. When you ask a business if they are hiring and they say “we’re accepting applications”. DUH…but are you hiring. Just answer my question because I already know you have to give me an application if I ask for one.

  102. Gripe: when i’m trying to have a conversation and someone interrupts

  103. When you buy something at the mall that you love, and then you come home and realize you don’t like it anymore.

  104. Gripe: When the teacher ends class and someone says “Oh wait I just want to add one more thing.” If you want to discuss something further go to office hours, stop wasting my time.

  105. Being bored

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