Eden is right around the corner

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the new school year to start…did that make me a nerd? I don’t know any kid today that is excited today; is it a sign of the times or was I really the only one. But come to think to it I don’t think I was that nerdy because my excitement for going back was the social aspect of it all. I wasn’t this freak kid that liked homework. Even after the weekends were over I was always ready on Monday’s to go back.

And then there is the SHOPPING! I mean c’mon, going back to school shopping would give me goose bumps! I loved choosing my new book bag or lunch box…supplies would have to be my only excitement since I went to Catholic School. I think getting shoes was the big deal since we wore uniforms. Later on in High School I was then able to participate in the “back to school” clothes shopping extravaganza!

I love this Staples commercial… as an adult I love back to school even MORE! Now it means I have the house back to normal. Less kids hanging out, video game playing & TV watching…ahhhhh!!! BACK TO SCHOOL… at all ages, it’s always been music to my ears.


Back to Boonton

I know summer officially ends September 21st but for most, summer is over after Labor Day weekend. I’m heading out to NJ for the week and will be spending the holiday in good old Boonton, the town I grew up in! Labor Day in Boonton was fun, for the small town we had a big Fireman’s fair that lasted 4 days, a parade with fireman from all over the state and fireworks. When you’re a little kid in a small town, this seemed almost like Disneyland! I still enjoy it as an adult but now I see it more like the town fair it really is. The only downfall to this whole event was once it was over on Labor Day Monday the next day was back to school. Yes, for the parents of all these students the holiday for them continued on.

For anyone who needs a Daily Dalia fix “daily” I wish I could have my staff give you some re-runs for the week but I don’t have a staff.  I could get on a computer everyday and pick one of my past favorites for you but I’m on vacation and I doubt you read my blog when you are on vacation so we are even. I am leaving it up to you to find your favorite reruns and reread them…I will be back after the day you are not allowed to wear white.

Back to School

OLMC in 1882

OLMC in 1882

If you are mall shopper like me, you can see the hustle and bustle going on for back to school shopping. From grades 1st through 8th I only the pleasure of buying supplies since I went to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and was given a uniform. I was always ready to go back to school…did that make me a geek? Whenever I ask kids now they look at me like “are you crazy, I don’t want the summer to end”. After surveying many teens, of course my curiosity got the best of me. I was told by a 12 year old that it is a “generation thing”. I wasn’t sure if I agreed with that so I called my sister (who is my generation) and she thought school is so much harder today than it was years ago back in the dinosaur days that we went. I guess I do have to agree with that, it does appear that there is more homework given and kids with all their sports/activities are having a hard time getting to the unimportant studies. I think today kids are given too much to put on their plates by both parents and teachers. There are more stressed kids today then ever…sad. So in conclusion…I guess I wasn’t a geek, I was just fortunate enough to grow up when school/life was easier. I don’t think I even knew what stress meant until much later in life…whew!