Oscar is always political

Keeping with Oscar week I remembered that Jon Stewart had a great opening monologue and now that Barack is president it makes it even more profound. Remember last year-

“Democrats do have an historic race going. Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama. Normally, when you see a black man or a woman president an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty. How will we know it’s the future? Silver unitards, that can’t be all?”

“You have to admit, this is a huge election. An historic election. So much excitement. For the first time in so many years we don’t have an incumbent president or an incumbent vice-president. The field is wide open. Have you all had a chance to examine all the candidates, study their positions and pick the Democrat you’ll vote for?”

“Not all films did as well as Juno obviously. The films that were made about the Iraq war, let’s face it, did not do as well. But I’m telling you, if we stay the course and keep these movies in the theatres we can turn this around. I don’t care if it takes 100 years. Withdrawing the Iraq movies would only embolden the audience. We cannot let the audience win.”

Speaking of the War…then you have this memorable moment from Michael Moore bashing Bush. Ahhh…the good ole days!


Patience is a Virtue

Well today is the big day, the day that the first African American will become president of the United States of America. The inauguration is going to be huge, is it because he is black or is it because America is so messed up we are hoping for a miracle. I just hope everyone is a realist and realizes he is not Anne Sullivan, the noted “Miracle Worker” who is the first that taught the blind how to communicate. He is man who is taking on an entire country that has lost its way; we need much more guidance than Helen Keller ever did.

We just all have to remember in the words of Bishop V. Gene Robinson (the first openly gay Episcopal bishop who will say a prayer at the inauguration) “given the difficult circumstances we all face and given the fact we have placed so much hope on and responsibilities on Barack, I think it’s appropriate to remind the nation he’s only a human being and he can’t do all this by himself”, he said “In fact, all of us will need to play our part”.

Yes, Barack has made promises and I believe he truly means to make good on his word but I just hope that this day does not turn out to be a New Years Eve…people with high expectations and then let down afterwards. It will all take time, patience and EVERYONE pitching in.

Good luck Barack, and since I am Irish let me say “may the luck of the Irish be with you”.

Tuesday, Tuesday Happy Days

If you are a fan of any of the following…Ron Howard, Barack Obama, Mayberry Rfd, Happy Days, the Fonz, the 70’s or change in general , you have to click on this link. It is creative, hip, retro and will just bring you back to a time where things were simple. Please watch-


Everyone wants change

I knew today being 9/11 was the anniversary of an awful day for the U.S but I wasn’t sure how many years it had been (my memory of time frames is gone). Then I read it is the 7th anniversary…my train of though immediately went to “the 7 year itch”. The meaning of this term is commonly “the inclination to become unfaithful after seven years of marriage” It is now often extended to refer to an urge to move on from any situation, and not even limited to those of seven years’ duration.

Well, I do have that 7 year itch. I actually feel less secure with this country now 7 years later after that catastrophe. I think taking my shoes off at the airport is kind of useless now (first class passengers get steak knives) and the word recession is still in full effect. I think the country should scratch their 7 year itch and be unfaithful to the Republican Party, have that urge to move on…vote Democrat…vote Obama.

Peace to all the relatives and friends of the victims of 9/11 and peace to everyone who was affected that day.

And the VP is…

VP Home

VP Home

I remember when I was a kid I watched soap opera’s loving the “can’t wait until tomorrow to see what happens”. Then I got aggravated, they kept me hanging too long, it seemed like the carrot was being dangled in front of my nose for eons and I lost interest. I don’t like things to be dragged out for eternity and that’s how I’m feeling about the VP selection. I used to be curious but honestly now I’m like “just freaking pick one”! They say Barack is going to wait until the last possible minute for the announcement and that McCain has to wait for the perfect timing after Barack; it’s this whole game. McCain’s advisor says “If they go first, you have more information”. Aren’t they picking someone they think will do a good job…shouldn’t it be that easy? Some websites are giving us clues…is it Miss Scarlett or Professor Plum? Or you can sign up to receive a text be the first to know…I think I can wait an hour or two to find out what man he chose. Unless it’s Hillary, I just don’t care.



Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to work they may not go

Disney Protestors

Disney Protestors

I am currently unemployed, I plan to make millions blogging (I just cracked myself up as I typed that). The one thing that scares me most is health insurance; it’s amazing how much it is monthly to pay on your own. As we all know healthcare is a big problem for the U.S and hopefully Barack will fix that when he wins. But for now even Disney wants to cut their employees health benefits. Now Disney, you charge $60 to enter, about $10 to park, lunch for 4 is about $50 and then there are snacks and souvenirs…let’s spread the wealth! Ada Briceno, president of the union which represents the workers states “The other hotels around the area all have health care that is provided by the boss and have been able to get wage increases. At the other hotels in the same classification, for the same work, the workers get paid $2 to $3 an hour more”.

I would have to believe in the end that Disney will come through for their employees, I think that’s what Walt would want.

I wish I may, I wish I might…

When I blow out the candles on my Happy Birthday America cake and make my wish I want this “close race” to take a strong democratic lead (I bet Hillary would have had a bigger lead but I’m not one of those people who will say “I told you so”)!

WASHINGTON, July 3 (UPI) — Republican political analysts say they are surprised that the U.S. presidential race is so close, given the handicaps facing their party.

John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is burdened by an unpopular Republican president and an economy heading downhill. But many polls show McCain in a statistical tie with Democrat Barack Obama.