Nobody puts one over on the DD

I have to admit I do watch the all new Beverly Hills 90210; I was a fan of the original so I gave this new one a shot. It is actually not that bad (although the cast does not even come close to the first one). But last week I must say the writers were stretching for a laugh. Let me set it up for you… the teen character had a fake baby for a class in high school and of course had to tend to it as if it was her own. The one night the baby was crying (it could be programmed to do so) and she couldn’t find it. Well, she finally did find the baby and her mom questioned “where did you find her” and the girl responded “I found her in the corner of the bathroom under my clothes”. Honestly when she said that I thought to myself “that’s a weird line” but then the mom said (drum roll please) ”nobody puts baby in the corner…ha ha”. All you Dirty Dancing fans know what I’m talking about. My point being…when the Emmy’s come along, they will definitely win for The Most Obvious Set Up Line.

For all you Dirty Dancing fans…take 1 minute to relive baby in the corner-


Breaking News!

For all you Beverly Hills 90210 fans, and don’t pretend you’re not one of them…Jennie Garth is being actively recruited to re-join the cast in the spin off of the old series. C’mon, that would be cool! Now if they could get both her and Shannon Daughtery back that would be a gold mine since the two of them don’t get along in real life. We could have another Crystal / Alexis showdown.

 I’m not afraid to stand up and say “My name is Daily Dalia and I used to watch and enjoy Beverly Hills 90210”.

 Lets keep our fingers crossed!