What will it take

I need to go back in time

I need to go back in time

The other day I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and with 20 minutes left in the movie at an important part something unthinkable happened. Have you guessed yet, yes, a cell phone rang.  But the story does not end there; this person actually answered her phone and had a conversation in a normal talking voice. We were on the other side of the theater so we did not want to yell across “are you freaking kidding”. Although there were only about 8 other people in the theater no one said anything to her that was sitting nearby. This was another thing that amazed me, were my manfriend and I the only people that thought this was the epitome of rude? How could everyone just sit there and let her get away with this. I had a slight cold that day and knew I may cough so I brought hot tea, cough drops and a scarf so I could muffle my coughs if they did occur. Yes, I may be the other extreme but I did not want to ruin anyone else’s movie experience.

The other day I was in a sub shop and they had a sign at the counter asking not to talk on your cell phone. I told the woman making my sandwich how I loved her sign. She said this one person was actually talking on the phone telling the person about the sign and laughing. What is wrong with society, it really does sadden me.

A while back I had a post on rude cell phone usage but this woman I believe went beyond rude. I really can’t fathom what kind of person would do this. Are they evil, are they oblivious to the world and do not know that you don’t talk in a movie theater or was she just an ass. And why wouldn’t anyone close to her say something, are people afraid to speak up? Am I just easily distracted; my manfriend did lose 5 minutes of the movie and later asked me what had happened. What is it going to take to stop rude cell phone usage because my frustration with this matter is getting worse?

People, once again, let me tell you-

When in the public and speaking on your phone, talk low…do you understand that…TALK LOW. You do not have to yell so everyone around can hear your life story; we do not want to know what you did last night.

Do not talk in a movie theater; I do not think an explanation is needed here.

If you find you must talk loud because the other person cannot hear you, take it outside.

When your phone rings, it’s not the law that you have to answer it. You have the option to call back at a later time when you won’t be bothering people.


Text Addicts


Pretty soon there will be a new question asked when applying for medical insurance, after “do you smoke”…”do you text”. Seems like emergency rooms have daily visitors from texting according to James Adams, Northwestern’s chairman of emergency medicine. He says texters are more prone to facial injuries; they just don’t pay attention to where they are going. One woman says she walks with her hand out as to not bump into anything. One texter gives the advice of walking with your chin at a 45 degree angle. In London they are actually padding lampposts to cut down on injuries! Just sit for a moment, close your eyes and envision the streets of NY, the hustle and bustle of it. Then picture everyone walking, some with their hand out in front of them, some are bumping into cabs, lampposts & falling down stairs from not looking, some have the 45 degree angle going or some are talking out loud into the air with their Bluetooth. I see that as quite comical but again, nothing looks odd on the streets of NY.

FYI…I went away this weekend and my cell phone died early Saturday morning and I didn’t have my charger. I SURVIVED…yes you phone addicts, it is possible. I bet more people would opt for eating live spiders then going without their cell phones.

Turn off your phones for the Rolling Stones

Here are a few statements, some from famous musicians, about cell phone usage at concerts. It’s called “MICROBORDOM” a term invented by a cell phone company to convince people they need to escape reality with their mobile gadgets.

1. “There’s definitely a problem where people are so busy documenting the moment that they forget to just live in the moment”.

2. “To me a gig isn’t supposed to be for posterity. You can’t see the world through a viewfinder”.

3. “Everyone has this strange archiving addiction now. It’s like they’re trying to pin a butterfly to a corkboard”.

4. “It’s a really interesting trend-instead of clapping, they’re blogging”.

5. “There’s a generational gap where people no longer know how to experience life without technology”.

6. “All these new toys, people have to play with them for awhile but ultimately, they’ll figure out how dehumanizing they are.


“In an age of multitasking, some wonder if electronic gadgets are really that much of a distraction – or the anti-cell  phone brigade is being crotchety”.


I think I am part of this brigade, I am a huge fan of music and this article hit me in a sad way.


(all statements taken from the The Dallas Morning News by Thor Christensen)