It’s only an hour

So, have we all survived the time change? Have we stopped saying “well technically it is an hour later so it is really blank o’clock now”. I actually said it this morning when I woke up so I’m not quite done yet. I personally don’t mind the changing of the clocks; now my boyfriend…that’s another story. He whines and complains for days on how depressing it is. He actually just told me it took him longer to change the clock in my car this morning then to drive his daughter to school. Now he’s looking at clocks and wondering if they have been changed yet uttering, “ it really that time or is it an hour later”. I told him to simmer down. Now at 5:00 tonight he will turn into the Daylight Savings Monster…”why…why must we do this horrible thing”!

All I know is that I don’t like waking up in the dark…I really don’t care about it getting dark early. It is not natural to wake up without sun. This is why I don’t ever see me getting a job that starts before 6 a.m. so I guess the morning news anchor position is not an option. My question is why don’t Hawaii and Arizona have to do this? I find it odd out of 50 states that only 2 of them have decided not to change their clocks. Here in California is up to Arnold or who is it that decides. Well we know if it was up to my boyfriend it would be an hour later right now!

There is one thing that amazes me about “the change”. It takes me a good week for my body to get use to it…and it’s only ONE hour?? For some reason it’s easier when I fly back east to adjust to the 3 hour difference then it is to adjust to Daylight Savings.

What do you think about the time change?



The day after

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - David Beckham, Lady Gaga performs. (Season 7 Episode 1)  

I love the day after Labor Day-

  1. I still continue to wear white; I love being a rebel.
  2. All kids are back to school; even if there not your kids, it’s still great.
  3. Here in San Diego the tourists have gone home; this means I can now fit my towel spaciously on the beach.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres starts her new season and the others will start soon; re-runs get old quick.
  5. The weather gets a tad cooler; 105 degree weather makes many people cranky (not me though).

I don’t like the day after Labor Day-

  1. Football…Football…and yes, more Football.
  2. Only 104 shopping days left until Christmas.
  3. It’s only that much closer to me getting one year older.
  4. Darkness takes to the skies almost after lunch.
  5. I’m still unemployed.

What about you?

If I could turn “ahead” time

Don’t forget tomorrow, March 8th to change your clock an hour ahead (unless you live in Hawaii or Arizona but you do live in the U.S). Yes, you Spring ahead and Fall back. My manfriend still asks me “when I wake up tomorrow it will be 7:00 instead of 6:00”. I have to then say “yes, that is how it works”. You would think after this many years he would get it but it still confuses him (although he did live in Hawaii for 15 years). I do know how that  hour change really does mess me up for a few days though. What do you think…do we really need the change?