Just Do It

I was very impressed with Mr. Playstead’s top ten list of parenting mistakes. Any parent reading this should not only take the time to read them but most important “follow”. I was trying to narrow it down to my favorite 3 but they are all good. If you are pressed for time like most people, let me give you the Readers Digest version (but take the time to read the full article…the world will be a better place).

·         Spoiling – Too much “stuff”…they will never be satisfied and only want more.

·         Inadequate discipline – If you don’t someone else may and you won’t like it.

·         Failing to get involved at school – You don’t have to be room parent, but know what’s up!

·         Praising mediocrity – We want to build self esteem but sometimes parents go too far.

·         Not enough responsibility – Allowance is ok but kids should have expected chores to do.

·         Not being a good spouse – Kids learn from example, treat your spouse with love and respect.

·         Setting unreal expectations – This will only annoy you and frustrate your children.

·         Not teaching kids to fend for themselves – Too much babying going on – teach independence.

·         Pushing trends on kids – Please, let kids be kids!

·         Not following through – Idle threats will put the kids in charge…not you!


Mom deserves a medal

I was shopping in Target the other day and overheard a mom say to her daughter “You don’t get a treat for being good, that’s the way you’re supposed to be”.  I stopped and thought, how great is that.

I’m sorry but kids today are spoiled and they are just going to grow up and be spoiled adults, the world does not need anymore of them.

I will always remind you that being a parent is hard work! Disciplining may not make you popular but trust me, in the long run your kids will love & appreciate you more for it.