Park it here


I’m not sure how new this idea is but I just happen to see it this past weekend at the mall…special front parking for pregnant women. I’m, sorry but this is getting stupid and yes, I have been pregnant. With both my pregnancies I never felt like I needed “handicap” parking. What if a woman is 2 months pregnant or if someone parks there are is not pregnant but “claims” to be. What about someone who is just overweight and isn’t a little exercise good for pregnant women? I just think the whole idea is ridiculous. It’s just as bad as the front parking spots saved for “hybrids”. This trend is one that doesn’t need to happen. I can see it now…people suing over discrimination.

I’ve been unemployed for quite some time now…how about special parking for me. Being unemployed can be depressing and being depressed depletes your energy level. Since your energy level is down it is hard to walk long distances. Hey, when Christmas time comes and I’m not pregnant or own a hybrid, I need some gimmick to get a spot.



I want 100 cents too

In honor of MLK day I thought I would do a post on discrimination, although all discrimination should affect everyone, this one is closer to me. Women are still getting paid 78 cents to a male co-worker, yes, still in the year of 2009. I personally experienced this feeling. A few years back I went and asked for a raise and was told the company was not doing well and “NO” raises were being given to anyone. I paid the bills so yes, I knew the company was having money problems. Well I also did payroll and within 3 weeks I was giving 4 workers a raise…all male. Of course I could not let this go by so I went to HR and said “I was told no raises would be given yet I just gave 4, is it a coincidence that all the recipients had penises”. She had no comment and I was then told to talk to the CFO, he also had no good reason. I then called a lawyer and was told I had no grounds for discrimination since these 4 people were not in the same department as I was.

Well some effort is being made to maybe reach us to at least 80 cents on the dollar. Now Congress is trying to narrow the pay gap with two bills that are slated to come before Mr. Obama. The Paycheck Fairness Act would force employers to justify pay differences and penalties would be more strict for discrimination (I wonder what they are now, a little tap on the wrist). And before a woman only had 180 days to start a pay discrimination law suit but now they are trying to get that extended (Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Supporters say many women don’t know in that time frame that they are earning less. 

Let’s not forgot if a woman is paid less her Social Security payments will be lower along with her pension.  Just one more thing on your plate Barack, don’t forget you have 2 daughters!

Size does matter

I was recently shopping the Haight district in San Francisco, a cool section that is known for hippies, peace and love! Well, one store’s treatment to my son and I was far from that theory. First let me point out my son carries a bag…a purse for men. We walk into Amoeba Music and there is a sign (I’m not sure of exact wording) in the front of the store that says you must check all packages and large bags. We continue entering and we hear “sir your bag”, and we continue to walk. Then the words get louder “sir, your bag”…we still continue to walk. Then another worker yells even louder “sir your bag”. We both then look at this salesperson and she signals to my son that he has to check his “purse”. He points to the woman in front of him and asks “why not her”. The woman then just says “we have to check your bag”. I said in a very loud voice “this is discrimination”. She assured me it wasn’t and that it was the “size” of his bag. Well, my purse was either the same size or a tad bigger than his and I was not stopped. We walked out in protest. I regret now not making a bigger stink of the issue. I should have asked for the manager and showed them the sizes of our bags.

Was this discrimination or was it profiling? Do they just want to give men that carry purses a hard time, do they just think men are more apt to shoplift then women or do they think people in their 20s’ are not trustworthy? Whatever reason it was not fair. I have shopped in that store past trips but not again. I don’t like when I walk into a store and am asked to check my bags. I feel like they are treating me like a criminal from the start, am I not “innocent until proven guilty”. And why would I give you my large purse, I’m not giving any stranger my personal stuff!! They don’t trust me with their goods so why would I trust them with mine! My digital camera inside my purse is worth more then any album they have.

I know theft is a problem but these stores have to come up with a new solution, it should be their problem to control. They should not make the customer inconvenienced.