East vs. West


I had a great trip back to the east coast; it is always invigorating to me. I really don’t think I will ever be 100% happy on one coast with both offering different things that appeal to me.

Let’s start with the East Coast…New Jersey to be specific. I really like the fact that it has the Jersey shore which is beautiful and it’s also close to New York City which I appreciate so much more now at an older age. The people are more real and the way they say “coffee” is correct!!! Speaking of coffee, I found out this past trip that Dunkin Doughnuts is to NJ what Starbucks is to CA…there all over (but not on every street corner) and the coffee is so superior to Starbucks. NJ also has a lot of history in the vicinity along with many closer vacation choices nearby. One downfall I noticed more on this trip was that someone has to pump your gas…what a pain in the ass. You have to wait for an attendant and then if you don’t tell him you are paying with a credit card you will get yelled at (my son told him “don’t have a cow”).  I hear NJ has better food then CA but I’m not a huge food freak but I will take the word of my fellow Jersians.

OK, now California…San Diego to be more specific. Weather!

What do you think…which is the more desirable coast to live on? Why?


Drop the Doughnut

I think we should all join in and boycott Dunkin Doughnuts!! Cmon, it’s only a freaken scarf (and honestly, I rather like the scarf). Has anyone been shopping lately…scarves are in (and I’m not talking about wool winter ones).

This is now selling at the Gap…should we not shop their??