We’re in the stretch

Yes, we all know it’s only one more week of hell for everyone…seeing millions of posters on the sides of the road (so many that you can’t even read them), phone calls asking or telling you how to vote, commercials on T.V…or should I say lies on T.V, Palin’s face  (sorry, did I say that out loud) and just all around bad chi in the air!

But…I do have to get in one last attempt to try and persuade at least one person to vote for Obama and No on prop 8 in CA…these are my 2 priorities.








As for Prop 8, we all know it is about equality for all, but for anyone who is concerned about the kids…well take 1 minute and 39 seconds to watch this video…what about these kids?

p.s If anyone is invited to an event at the Knights of Columbus, whatever state you live in, please do not go since they are the biggest donators to Yes on Prop 8.