Kindness 101

Ellen DeGeneres usually doesn’t get serious on her show but yesterday she interviewed the woman whose 11 year old committed suicide just this past April 6th. This boy killed himself because he was getting bullied at school. This is one issue we really need to get serious about and I thought Ellen had a good idea…early on along with their math, science, physical education class we also have a compassion/kindness class. Just like some parents don’t teach their kids history at home their also not teaching them that bullying is wrong. I also read in the paper this week where a little girl didn’t know what to do because her autistic brother was getting teased in school. This is just ridiculous.

 Carl, this 11 year old boy, was being bullied about “possibly” being gay. Many people are saying how proud they are of the first runner up for Miss America this past weekend for speaking her true thoughts about how she thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. I’m sorry but the sooner gays are counted as equal and not these misfits in society that don’t have equal rights the longer being gay will be seen as odd and a target for teasing. Every little step will help so no, I am in no way “proud” of Carrie Prejean for contributing to the narrow mindedness of people.

There are many reasons kids bully; parents…if you only do ONE thing for your child, teach them to be nice people. Bullying must stop. I think we all know most bullies have low self esteem so work on that too. Did you know before conception that if you had a child it’s your duty to be a responsible parent?


Don’t hold the lettuce

Why am I reading about more and more teens having weight loss surgery and how does a 13 year old get to 300 pounds? This should not be happening and we all know who to blame…the parents. How can you possibly let it get that much out of control…it should be handled at about 20 lbs overweight. If you are overweight and choose to eat fast food every night that is your choice but you should not be putting that on your kids. And of course we want the “fast fix” so let’s put our kids under the knife instead of forcing exercise and teaching healthy eating habits. With the statistics out there the risks outweigh the benefits. One teenager states “I just don’t have a lot of willpower”. Well sorry…that is no excuse. We are turning into the laziest society!! What does Ellen DeGeneres say, something about, we can´t even chew mints anymore, we need thin pieces of paper to dissolve in our mouths”.

The U.S is getting heavier and heavier and it’s starting earlier and earlier…not good. Start young with your kids because then they won’t know what they are missing. Fast food…what’s that?

Go Lacy!

As I am sure I have said in the past, I am not a sports fan but I am a huge fan of equal rights! Last week on Ellen (the best talk show host ever) she had on Lacy Stuart, a kicker who was kicked off the football team because she is a girl. When will brain and ability/talent be the only deciding factor of things and not a vagina or penis? Yes, there are some exceptions to my proposal but not in this case. Lacy had been practicing with the team for 2 months! Then a couple of weeks ago her mom said 

Hank St. Denis, executive board chairman of the Georgia Football League, realized a girl had been accepted onto one of its football teams. St. Denis overruled New Creation’s decision to let her join the team. “He said she can’t play simply because she’s a girl,” Lacy’s mom said. “There doesn’t seem to be anything in the [league] bylaws to prevent a girl from playing,” she said. “No one else has a problem with it. The coaches, players and other teams have accepted her. If she can play for a public school, why not a private school?” To read more…

People can never stop fighting for their rights, big or small! We have to stand up to people/groups/committees, whatever, and also let our kids see that and teach them to speak up. I love how Ellen had this girl on her show, that is cool! So Lacy, don’t give up and do what you do best, kick some ass!

Ellen…need I say more.

I challenge anyone to watch Ellen and not crack a smile; it has to be the most “feel good” show out there. Ellen is as genuine as it gets, she is sincere, creative, adorable, funny, and has a heart of gold. I think I cry at least 3 times a week because she is always doing something nice for someone. When it comes down to Ellen vs. Oprah, Ellen wins hands down!Sorry but Oprah’s show is all about Oprah and it got real old for me years ago. I don’t DVR much but if Ellen isn’t scheduled on yours she is definitely worth the recording space!