Best of Gripes

I love my gripe tab; it’s a way of blowing off steam for at least the time it takes to type the gripe. Here a list of some of my favorites and their authors. Gripes are in the eye of the beholder and I happen to agree with each one of these. Feel free to add your gripe.

When two or more people stop to talk to each other in a small hallway or doorway– Justin

When someone is walking in an inconsistent line on the sidewalk in front of you, so that you can never pass because they keep going in front of you. –xpressyrsf


When someone tries to tell me American Gladiators is real….come on bro that show is so staged it reminds me of The Hills.- Hills Local

People who don’t RSVP in a timely fashion. Are you coming or not????Are you waiting for something better to come your way???- stuckn70s

When telemarketers call your personal cell # -Minda

Your hair dresser never getting it right ! – denville

Two people walking slowly side-by-side on a narrow sidewalk…..Single file up morons, I’ve got places to be and while I appreciate your relaxed pace, you should respect my desire to get by and not flip me attitude when I politely say “excuse me”. –kneedragger

When people are late and do not apologize or even acknowledge their lateness!!!!!!!!!!!! – Me


I haven’t been canceled yet

Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

  My, my how time does fly; it’s been a year for the Daily Dalia blog. Why have I not yet been offered a book deal or Lifetime movie?? I’m already thinking of who should play me…maybe Julia Roberts? I think it’s time for “the best of the DD…a year’s retrospective”.  (Honestly, it’s one of those days I have nothing to say so like the writers of TV shows, they throw in re-runs…but it really is my year anniversary). Here are my favorites-

Dalia Eyes (a new category I just started)-


Et Cetera – “Out with the old, in with the new! Bye, bye Bush”.

Obama Set for Giant Step Into History // President-elect Barack Obama & wife Michelle pose with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush (© Larry Downing/Reuters/Landov)

What’s Cool – ”No matter what you do, making it look effortless is cool” (written by Al).

Gripe Session – “When your mother forgets all your friends names” (written by Denville)

ReviewsYou don’t have to wrestle with the idea of seeing this movie, The Wrestler should be on your top 5 list. Now I’m not into wrestling at all, I would say only about 10-15 minutes of the movie actually takes place in the ring, it’s the story that is so great and the way it was filmed (not to mention that fact that it takes place in NJ). Mickey Rourke definitley deserves his nomination for the Oscar for best actor, he plays this character to the T and Marisa also shows us what she is made of. The one thing I loved about this movie is how they actually show how wrestling is all staged…and how back stage they are all buddies. This movie never drags, the story sucks you in and keeps you all the way to the end.

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My final grade is an A-

Quick Tips = After cutting garlic or onions, wash your hands with salt to get that lasting odor out.

As for my posts, that’s a harder one to pick, it would be like picking your favorite child. I did enjoy this particular one and had some good comment’s so I chose this one-


I hope some of you have enjoyed a year of hearing me ramble on about anything and everything. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my second year or tell me what you’ve enjoyed about my first year.


Misery loves company

WHY…do you have to enter your account number on your phone (and don’t forget to press that damn pound sign after entering) and then when the representative comes on they immediately ask you for your account number…this frustrates me to all ends!! I have a whole separate “Gripe” tab that I hope everyone visits from time to time… please let me know, what frustrates you! I need to know that I’m not alone…or am I?

Gripe Session

I’ve added a new page to my blog, “gripe session”. We all have gripes and I would love to know what they are. Of course I will add mine to the list which will be quite easy. It’s sometimes very interesting to know what irks people so start writing!