Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone….just a few of my thoughts for you.

Let me just ask…was I the only kid that thought every year the Great Pumpkin may show up for Linus? Seriously, I would hope each year, just like Linus, that THIS would be the year the great pumpkin would appear.  I’m not sure how old I was when I finally figured out that Charles Schulz was not going to change his mind.

Then the other night I watched Halloween for like the 20th time. I know when Michael is going to jump out and kill the next babysitter but yet I still scream. Why?

I have noticed that some adults enjoy Halloween just as much as they did when they were kids. I grew out of it and wonder why?

In all my years of trick or treating it NEVER rained…how lucky was I!!! What do people do when it is pouring outside?

I bought a Halloween decoration this year that says “trick or treat, smell my feet”. Who originated that saying?

Back to Peanuts…why did everyone give Charlie Brown a rock when he went trick or treating? He had a costume on so no one would have known it was him.

Does anyone else remember the Happy Days episode where Mrs. Cunningham made Joanie wear a coat over her costume because it was too cold outside?

Do they still sell those masks with the rubber band on the back?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…WHY for Halloween do all girl costumes become slutty. I don’t see guys wearing a Slutty Policeman’s costume.

Does anyone else have a thought or question?



Have you ever read something and thought “it can’t be so”…and I’m not talking about something as insignificant as UFO sightings. What I read yesterday is probably the most unbelievable thing ever. There are kids out there that don’t like Halloween…little kids!!!! How can this possibly be? You get to dress up and get FREE candy…this is utopia for the everyday child. This one woman (I won’t say her name as to save her from being bombarded by the media) says she has hated Halloween since age 5. Maybe she is an alien that flew in on one of these UFO’s because not liking free candy is not from this world.

Samhainophobia…this is the word that means “fear of Halloween”. Now if that mean being scared when you watch the movie Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis as the babysitter who is terrorized by Michael Myers then yes, I have samhainophobia!

 I say if you don’t like Halloween then just turn off your lights and hope you don’t wake up with eggs on your front yard. If you don’t want to be vandalized then put out an empty bowl that say’s “please take one”…no one will know you never started with any candy in it. You can put a note saying “I broke my leg and can’t get up to open the door numerous times”. I think that is a genius idea.

I don’t hate Halloween but I do have a couple of pet peeves. You should stop trick or treating when you get to high school…if you are old enough to work then buy your own freaking candy. And when I open the door the least you can do is say “trick or treat” and not just stand there with your bag open. I bought the candy, I got up from watching my favorite show Glee to open the door…now it’s your turn to put some effort into it.

Oh…one more thing. I actually heard of a mother who is not letting her child trick or treat because of the swine flu. Am I the only one that thinks that is ridiculous… could that be considered child abuse??

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

Starring Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick

Starring Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick


Yesterday I was asking my manfriend’s 16 year old if the ever saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show…he never even heard of it. I know my children are privy to this flick so now I am wondering if it has stopped for this newest generation. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical comedy film that parodies science fiction and horror films.

I was a huge fan starting at about age 16; this movie is just plain “odd”. It is an audience participation movie…people throwing toast, etc. Yes, I said toast. We would yell “don’t kick the tire”…really, it made sense because Brad had a flat and…Oh, just see it! There are actually some very interesting facts about this cult classic from 1975 that people may not know-

1.       In 2005 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically , or aesthetically significant”.

2.       It is the first movie from a major film studio to be in the midnight movie market.

3.       It is the longest running theatrical release in film history.

4.       More than 30 years later it is still in limited release in cinemas around the world.

5.       The Clinton Street Theater in Portland Oregon has shown the movie weekly since its debut there in 1978!

So if you have not yet seen this movie check your local listings and set your DVR, it’s always played around Halloween. Prepare to sit there and say “what”?? But hey, if the Library of Congress wants it preserved, it can’t be all that bad. To read more facts…


I got a Rock

Two weeks from today is Halloween; I would have to say as a kid, my second favorite day of the year (first being Christmas). You get to play dress up and get free candy…its euphoric! My favorite costume when I was little was a gypsy (maybe that explains why later on I became a Cher fanatic). I never had to go to school the day after Halloween… the one and probably the only perk of going to Catholic School (it was All Saints Day). Take that public school kids that would laugh at us in our uniform!

I think there should be an age limit for trick or treating…I would say 3 to whatever age you are when you start high school. Once you are in high school, stick to the parties and please don’t knock on my door. I once had a couple ring my door bell with an infant in their arms…you have got to be kidding me. If you are giving this candy to your child you should be reported…if you are trick or treating for candy for yourself…you should also be reported. Maybe I should hire a bouncer to check age I.D. One more thing I would like to change about the holiday…stop all the slutty costumes. Why does every woman over 15 want to be something slutty. Yes a slut is a scary person but if you want to be the scariest person ever…this year be Sarah Palin as V.P. Just the thought of that makes me shutter!!!

Will the recession have an effect on Halloween this year…I will check my 12 year olds bag and see just how many Smarties vs. Hershey Bars are in her bag.

Groovy Pumpkin

I love the fall season and all it’s decorations…I especially like a “cool” pumpkin design. I saw this idea today and I think it will be my attempt this year. If anyone knows a really unique idea, let me know.