The day after

The Ellen DeGeneres Show - David Beckham, Lady Gaga performs. (Season 7 Episode 1)  

I love the day after Labor Day-

  1. I still continue to wear white; I love being a rebel.
  2. All kids are back to school; even if there not your kids, it’s still great.
  3. Here in San Diego the tourists have gone home; this means I can now fit my towel spaciously on the beach.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres starts her new season and the others will start soon; re-runs get old quick.
  5. The weather gets a tad cooler; 105 degree weather makes many people cranky (not me though).

I don’t like the day after Labor Day-

  1. Football…Football…and yes, more Football.
  2. Only 104 shopping days left until Christmas.
  3. It’s only that much closer to me getting one year older.
  4. Darkness takes to the skies almost after lunch.
  5. I’m still unemployed.

What about you?


Labor of Love?

Its Labor Day weekend which of course, made me think of my own labor of giving birth to my 2 sons. C’mon, that has to be the hardest labor any person can endure (not to mention I had no epidural). But this short story will not be about the actual labor but the 2 different nurses I had.

Birth one – I felt it was time to push so my husband went to get the nurse for her “approval”. Upon entering my room she yells at me “I just checked you”. Well, she proceeded to re-check me and I was indeed ready. Then when it came time to push on my stomach after the baby was born (women, you know what I’m talking about) she did it so harsh that I thought I would die. She was an awful & crabby nurse and should have chosen another profession.

Birth two – The sweetest, kindest nurse ever! Never yelled at me, got me ice chips, was by my side with kind words and smiled constantly. When she pushed on my stomach after the baby was born she did it with such ease I hardly felt it. She was incredible!

Moral of this story – Nurses are the most important part of anyone’s hospital visits…I don’t remember the doctor’s that delivered my babies but I will always remember those two nurses. So if you choose to make your “labor” as a nurse…please be a kind and compassionate person. If you’re going to be like Nurse #1, go work for the DMV.

Back to Boonton

I know summer officially ends September 21st but for most, summer is over after Labor Day weekend. I’m heading out to NJ for the week and will be spending the holiday in good old Boonton, the town I grew up in! Labor Day in Boonton was fun, for the small town we had a big Fireman’s fair that lasted 4 days, a parade with fireman from all over the state and fireworks. When you’re a little kid in a small town, this seemed almost like Disneyland! I still enjoy it as an adult but now I see it more like the town fair it really is. The only downfall to this whole event was once it was over on Labor Day Monday the next day was back to school. Yes, for the parents of all these students the holiday for them continued on.

For anyone who needs a Daily Dalia fix “daily” I wish I could have my staff give you some re-runs for the week but I don’t have a staff.  I could get on a computer everyday and pick one of my past favorites for you but I’m on vacation and I doubt you read my blog when you are on vacation so we are even. I am leaving it up to you to find your favorite reruns and reread them…I will be back after the day you are not allowed to wear white.