Go Lacy!

As I am sure I have said in the past, I am not a sports fan but I am a huge fan of equal rights! Last week on Ellen (the best talk show host ever) she had on Lacy Stuart, a kicker who was kicked off the football team because she is a girl. When will brain and ability/talent be the only deciding factor of things and not a vagina or penis? Yes, there are some exceptions to my proposal but not in this case. Lacy had been practicing with the team for 2 months! Then a couple of weeks ago her mom said 

Hank St. Denis, executive board chairman of the Georgia Football League, realized a girl had been accepted onto one of its football teams. St. Denis overruled New Creation’s decision to let her join the team. “He said she can’t play simply because she’s a girl,” Lacy’s mom said. “There doesn’t seem to be anything in the [league] bylaws to prevent a girl from playing,” she said. “No one else has a problem with it. The coaches, players and other teams have accepted her. If she can play for a public school, why not a private school?” To read more…

People can never stop fighting for their rights, big or small! We have to stand up to people/groups/committees, whatever, and also let our kids see that and teach them to speak up. I love how Ellen had this girl on her show, that is cool! So Lacy, don’t give up and do what you do best, kick some ass!