I say side B!

As everyone knows Tuesdays are “new music” release days… I don’t really know why but it is done on Tuesdays.  Well today Janet Jackson released her “Number One’s” CD. While reading my Target circular and viewing the arrival of this album I immediately said out loud, “another one”! It seems like she, along with many, many other artists go overboard with “best of” CD’s. Maybe she needs to help pay for Michael’s funeral so she quick took her last “best of” CD, slapped on new cover and shipped it out to the stores.  I know Madonna also has a new “best of”…she’s another one that overdoes it. She may have added one or two new songs but it’s all a scam to get people to spend more money. And yes, even Cher put out a couple too close in time (she should have turned back time….lol, lol).

Do people still buy CD’s or have they become the “you actually buy CD’s” phrase of the year. I know most people just download albums anymore or like me, I buy “songs”. Hey, it’s a recession so I pick the hit and purchase that. I feel like I’m 7 years old again buying the 45 because that’s all my allowance will let me afford. Only now I’m an adult, the country is in a mess and I’m unemployed hence the purchase of a “single”. I did splurge the other day (it was Tuesday, release day) and actually bought the new GLEE CD…which I love.  (Wow, in this post I got to mention Cher and GLEE…cool).

I know this past summer I took off a month of writing the Daily Dalia and re-posted the “best of” but I wouldn’t do the same ones AGAIN…I’ll wait till I’m rich and famous for that. How about these artist’s put out “The Second Best Of”…like the side B of a 45. Cher…you are more than welcome to use my great idea.


My Year in Review

 It’s New Years Eve and I wanted to tell people/situations the thought’s I had.

Barack – Good luck; I wish you the best in your new position.

Palin – Go away…you too Miley C.

Bush – Good Riddance

Gas – You finally came to your senses now hover for a while.

Cher – Why did you have to cancel on me?

Prop 8 – Do not think for a minute you have won, you are messing with the wrong people.

Economy – I think we have learned our lesson; can we all come out of the corner now?

Britney – Always remember; act your age, not your shoe size.

OJ – Karma wins.

AIG – Did my party invitation get lost in the mail?

Starbucks – Are you still thriving with now only ONE on every block?

Hillary – If you can’t beat em, join em.

Madonna – You can thank Gloria Steinem, now pay up.

Circuit City – See what happens when I write a disgruntled letter about the company.

Ellen and Portia – I’m very happy for you, keep all those gifts, you will stay married!

Michael Phelps – Sorry but I think you’re a tad overrated.

2008- I’m glad your over and I’m hoping your successor is more promising.

Would anyone like to add to my list?

Don’t be a Pre-Madonna

I took the day off yesterday, I was mentally drained from the election (mainly disgusted over prop 8 results) and I had got home late from seeing Madonna on election night. This is the first time I have seen her perform and all I can say is we were literally in the last row (yes, we had tissue for our nose bleeds). Whatever happened to the good old days when you spent a $100 for a ticket and you were on the floor…now it’s the last row! The sound was awful (Petco Park, San Diego) and if it wasn’t for the screen, Madonna could have been a Vegas Impersonator. We discussed with other last row people the “pros” of our seats to make us all feel better…no one could spill their drink on us or vomit on us, we could stand up and dance and not annoy anyone and basically that was it. Eventually we did move a tad closer and then it was a little better. I must say, for a woman in her 50’s she could run circles around a lot of people half her age, great energy level! The best part was when she announced that Obama was our next president…the crowd roared! I guess being a Cher fan I was surprised at how simple Madonna’s outfits were but I guess when you move like her you can’t wear anything too elaborate. I have come to the conclusion though, if you are not in the first 25 rows of any concert, wait for the concert to come out on video and rent it! Here is a YouTube video from that night when she acknowledges Obama as our president and asks everyone to come forward and have no space…worth watching even though quality of video isn’t the best.

One out of Ten

 I read a list in the paper yesterday and according to Forbes, the top ten earning dead celebs for 2007 are-

  • 1. Elvis Presley, $49 million
  • 2. John Lennon, $44 million
  • 3. Charles M. Schulz, $35 million
  • 4. George Harrison, $22 million
  • 5. Albert Einstein, $18 million
  • 6. Andy Warhol, $15 million
  • 7. Dr. Suess, $13 million
  • 8. Tupac Shakur, $9 million
  • 9. Marilyn Monroe, $7 million
  • 10. Steve McQueen, $6 million

First of all, who the heck is Tupac Shakur and my biggest surprise, only ONE woman? We even have a hard time competing in the afterlife. How could Steve McQueen beat out Greta Garbo, she’s even in a Madonna song.