Pitch a tent in the backyard


I always feel after Memorial Day is over we are officially into the “summer” season (I know it really starts June 20th) but some colleges have already ended for the year and the stores have started selling “white” again! There is a new word that I recently learned that holds true for this particular summer, Staycation which refers to a holiday that takes place either at or near the home (damn gas prices).
There were a few other new words that came about in 2008 I liked-

Techorate – the integration of technology into the overall decorative theme of a home

 Ruralpolitan- is a professional who has abandoned the urban dwelling for a rural lifestyle and lives on three acres or more, typically within 40 miles of a city.

 Greenwashing – refers to companies and corporations that make green claims when their products or actions are anything but

 Swipeout When the magnetic strip on a credit card wears out due to use.

 IrritainmentA celebrity spectacle that, like a car wreck, you just can’t turn away from.

  So if you have to take a Staycation this summer don’t feel bad, instead be mature and think about sticking it to the gas stations, airlines and anyone else who is price gouging us!


Happy Memorial Day?

Not to ruin your holiday this weekend but like everything else, your Memorial Day BBQ is going to cost you more this year. Can’t the recession at least cut us a break as we observe our holiday, I guess not. Remember back in the day when you were a teenager and you had to pay a couple of bucks to get into a kegger party, well you may want to bring back that childhood tradition when you are having those bbq’s. Here are the stats…get out your caluculator to figure out what to charge. (my photo is an idea for anyone who is making cupcakes this weekend)!

Percent change of average price increase from 2007

1 lb. beef … 1.1 percent
8-hotdog pack …6.7 percent
8 burger buns…16.7 percent
8 hot dog buns…14.5 percent
1 lb. American cheese…4 percent
1 lb. Tomatoes… 8.6 percent
1 lb. Lettuce… 9.1 percent
16-ounce bag of chips…11.8
6-pack of beer… 1.2 percent
Soda, 2-liters… 10.8 percent
16.4-oz Propane cartridge…8 percent
Lighter fluid… 3.4 percent
Charcoal…1.4 percent
Ketchup..8 percent
Mustard…2.1 percent
Mayonaise…13.1 percent
Salad dressing…6 percent
Jar of pickles…4.9 percent
Paper plates…13.8 percent
Napkins…3.8 percent

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