Darn, Daily Dalia just misses!

U. S Internet Traffic (unique visitors for April 2008, in millions)

Google – 128.2

Microsoft – 122.1

Yahoo – 117.1

Time Warner – 105.6

News Corp. Online – 76.5

eBay – 67.0

InterActiveCorp – 64.1

CBS Corp./CNet Networks Inc. – 57.7

Wikimedia Foundation – 56.3

Amazon – 55.7

Maybe next month the Daily Dalia will make it if my DEDICATED readers tell 2 friends and so on and so on and so on!



Way to go Microsoft!

It appears as though some XBox Live on line gamers are cheating on their scores…shame on you! Microsoft is going on their profiles and labeling them “dirty cheaters” and resettting their scores to ZERO! Players are using “external tools” to inflate their scores  with games they didn’t even play. Cmon gamers, don’t give yourselves a bad reputation and live by the rules. I am in no way a video gamer but I applaud Microsoft for making it so that everyone has a fair experience in playing. The closest I have gotten to cheating in the video world is making my Wii person look alot younger then I really am.