Do you want the good news or bad news first

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I read some very disappointing news yesterday…”Hannah Montana: The Movie” was number one at the box office this weekend. UGH. The country is in enough trouble and now people have to deal with this. I’m sorry but I just do not like this person…I think she truly believes her shit does not stink. And yes Hannah or Miley, whoever the hell you are…it does stink. I just have a problem with people whose heads can’t fit in doorways.

But I also heard GREAT news too in the news yesterday…”Big Bang Theory” numbers are growing this second season. The series is gaining in both viewership and critical acclaim. YEAH, I do not want this show canceled. We need at least one decent, well written show among all the trash reality that has infested our TV’s. This is my favorite comedy and if you still have not seen it you are missing the talent of Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon (and yes, I know I have mentioned him before but I love this guy). My prediction is that he is going to make it big…we will definitely be seeing him on the big screen. His talent was obvious from the beginning, he is hilarious (and no, I’m not his mother)! He says the one trait that he shares with his alter ego is “I can talk”. When Sheldon goes on a tangent about anything, his voice, mannerism’s and delivery is classic.  Oh, and it’s on Monday nights at 8:00 so DVR, Tivo or just plain watch it!!!

So there you have it…you take the good, you take the bad. Wait, that reminds me of another favorite show of mine…The Facts of Life!


LiL who?

I can’t comment on the Grammy’s last night because I did not watch, I did hear someone got arrested…Chris Brown (I have no idea who he is but he dates Rihanna; I do know who she is). Back in the day, probably in the 80’s, I loved the Grammy’s; music is a big passion for me. I think I stopped watching when rap became popular, nothing against rap but I wouldn’t know about ½ the nominees anymore. And just the fact that Miley Cyrus attended last night says it all…this girl just annoys me and I don’t why she has the fame she does. It’s not only me who has stopped watching, last year had the second lowest viewing audience …34 million less people watched then back in 1984 when Michael Jackson has his sweep. Now those were the good ole days of the Grammy’s!

The other day I was driving and Pop Music came on and I said to myself, “they just don’t make songs like this anymore”. I’m sure some of you are saying “thank god” but I love the older music. The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are my favorite; I believe there was more originality back then. I find today many bands & singers sound alike. I go on Itunes at least once a week and I check out the top 100 songs and I find it very disappointing.

I wouldn’t say I don’t enjoy the Grammy’s because I’m older now…I’m sure that is what all you youngin’s are thinking. I would just chalk it up to the fact that I prefer the classics. Ok, maybe I am old.

Note: I do own the winner of the best album of the year…I’m still hip. Now take a few minutes and enjoy Pop Music!!!!!

The Globes

I think of The Golden Globes as the warm ups for the Oscars with T.V included. Ever since fast forward has been invented award shows are tolerable, you don’t have to listen to winners thanking their dogs (Mr. Rourke). I think I enjoy the red carpet just as much as the show itself. Seeing Brad and Angelina avoid Ryan Seacrest was classic! Then I loved when Nancy O’dell congratulated Sting on his nomination and he replied “I’m only presenting tonight”…way to go Nancy!

As far as dresses go I didn’t see a WOW but I did have a favorite… Drew Barrymore (see photo on my Et Cetera tab). I just thought she looked glamorous, a little Marilyn M. going on there and not to mention I think she is adorable. I loved Glenn Close and Susan Sarandon wearing pants, I wish more women would wear cool pant suits. I wanted to hand out a couple of combs and bobby pins to all the people who kept moving the hair out of their face, to name a couple Mr. Rourke and Mr. Depp. I think the award for the celebrity who looks nothing like they did 20 years ago again goes to Mr. Rourke, hence the sunglasses.

I’m glad Stephen Spielberg was recognized and given the Cecil B DeMille lifetime achievement award. I think Mr. Spielberg has got to be one of the most creative/ talented people around and he appears to also be a nice guy. Although, if it wasn’t for him there would be a lot more people swimming in the ocean. Heath Ledger was also given a standing ovation and he did definitely deserve that award for playing the Joker, he was phenomenal. I think the award for the stupidest thing done by an attendee (it’s hard for me to call her a celebrity) was Miley Cyrus sticking out her tongue when the camera was on her for her nomination (best song). Ha Ha Miley, me being a Jersey girl I was happy the Jersey man won, Bruce Springsteen.

The big winner of the night was Slumdog Millionaire. Maybe it is one of the better movies I have seen this year but not quite sure it’s Oscar material.