Goodbye Norma Jeane

Tomorrow will be the 46th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. I would say I’m an “odd” fan of hers; I am mesmerized by her photos. There is something there that I can not explain, she is just so beautiful. I have only seen a couple of her movies, the draw is not there, but give me a book of photos and I’m hooked. Other people loved & admired Marilyn…

Richard Avedon, photographer – “People don’t realize it, but she invented Marilyn Monroe”.



Darryl Zanuck, president of 20th Century Fox – “Nobody discovered her, she earned her own way to stardom”

Clark Gable – “Marilyn is a kind of ultimate. She is uniquely feminine”

Nunnally Johnson, producer – “Marilyn’s a phenomenon of nature, like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. All you can do is stand back and be awed by it”.

Liz Smith – “Few will remember the Marilyn of 1955. Well, I prefer that empowered woman”.

Marilyn Monroe – “Please don’t make me a joke” (1962).

I always wondered what happened that night of August 5th, 1962. My instinct tells me something wrong happened but we will probably never know.

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