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Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

  My, my how time does fly; it’s been a year for the Daily Dalia blog. Why have I not yet been offered a book deal or Lifetime movie?? I’m already thinking of who should play me…maybe Julia Roberts? I think it’s time for “the best of the DD…a year’s retrospective”.  (Honestly, it’s one of those days I have nothing to say so like the writers of TV shows, they throw in re-runs…but it really is my year anniversary). Here are my favorites-

Dalia Eyes (a new category I just started)-


Et Cetera – “Out with the old, in with the new! Bye, bye Bush”.

Obama Set for Giant Step Into History // President-elect Barack Obama & wife Michelle pose with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush (© Larry Downing/Reuters/Landov)

What’s Cool – ”No matter what you do, making it look effortless is cool” (written by Al).

Gripe Session – “When your mother forgets all your friends names” (written by Denville)

ReviewsYou don’t have to wrestle with the idea of seeing this movie, The Wrestler should be on your top 5 list. Now I’m not into wrestling at all, I would say only about 10-15 minutes of the movie actually takes place in the ring, it’s the story that is so great and the way it was filmed (not to mention that fact that it takes place in NJ). Mickey Rourke definitley deserves his nomination for the Oscar for best actor, he plays this character to the T and Marisa also shows us what she is made of. The one thing I loved about this movie is how they actually show how wrestling is all staged…and how back stage they are all buddies. This movie never drags, the story sucks you in and keeps you all the way to the end.

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My final grade is an A-

Quick Tips = After cutting garlic or onions, wash your hands with salt to get that lasting odor out.

As for my posts, that’s a harder one to pick, it would be like picking your favorite child. I did enjoy this particular one and had some good comment’s so I chose this one-https://dailydalia.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/catholic-school-days/


I hope some of you have enjoyed a year of hearing me ramble on about anything and everything. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my second year or tell me what you’ve enjoyed about my first year.



Don’t be a Pre-Madonna

I took the day off yesterday, I was mentally drained from the election (mainly disgusted over prop 8 results) and I had got home late from seeing Madonna on election night. This is the first time I have seen her perform and all I can say is we were literally in the last row (yes, we had tissue for our nose bleeds). Whatever happened to the good old days when you spent a $100 for a ticket and you were on the floor…now it’s the last row! The sound was awful (Petco Park, San Diego) and if it wasn’t for the screen, Madonna could have been a Vegas Impersonator. We discussed with other last row people the “pros” of our seats to make us all feel better…no one could spill their drink on us or vomit on us, we could stand up and dance and not annoy anyone and basically that was it. Eventually we did move a tad closer and then it was a little better. I must say, for a woman in her 50’s she could run circles around a lot of people half her age, great energy level! The best part was when she announced that Obama was our next president…the crowd roared! I guess being a Cher fan I was surprised at how simple Madonna’s outfits were but I guess when you move like her you can’t wear anything too elaborate. I have come to the conclusion though, if you are not in the first 25 rows of any concert, wait for the concert to come out on video and rent it! Here is a YouTube video from that night when she acknowledges Obama as our president and asks everyone to come forward and have no space…worth watching even though quality of video isn’t the best.

Brady Bunch Briefing – Election “08”

Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy all agree…When it’s time to change you’ve got to re-arrange who you are into what you’re gonna be!

Obama in “08”


We’re in the stretch

Yes, we all know it’s only one more week of hell for everyone…seeing millions of posters on the sides of the road (so many that you can’t even read them), phone calls asking or telling you how to vote, commercials on T.V…or should I say lies on T.V, Palin’s face  (sorry, did I say that out loud) and just all around bad chi in the air!

But…I do have to get in one last attempt to try and persuade at least one person to vote for Obama and No on prop 8 in CA…these are my 2 priorities.








As for Prop 8, we all know it is about equality for all, but for anyone who is concerned about the kids…well take 1 minute and 39 seconds to watch this video…what about these kids?

p.s If anyone is invited to an event at the Knights of Columbus, whatever state you live in, please do not go since they are the biggest donators to Yes on Prop 8.  

The Name is Bond

On November 14th the new Bond movie opens,Quantam of Solace. I believe this will be #22 in the series. Even though I am estranged from my father I still have a great memory as a kid, going with him to see a James Bond double feature at the theater…I believe Gold Finger was one of them. I think that was when my love for James Bond movies started. I would have to say my favorite parts of these movies are the gadgets…but I would assume they would be most people’s. So let’s see, we have had Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and someone I don’t remember George Lazenby who only starred in one, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. I would have say Roger Moore was my favorite in The Spy Who Loved Me and introduced the character Jaws.

I must say I liked Daniel Craig as Bond but was not a fan of Casino Royale. It was too “different”…I feel with Bond you have to stay with tradition. In an interview Craig was asked who would make the better bond…Obama or McCain. Craig did not hesitate…”Obama would be the better Bond because –if he’s true to his word-he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go to toe-to-toe with them “. He sees McCain more in the Judy Dench role. Yeah, maybe with McCain’s experience with war Obama could have one little question for him. Then he was asked one more question…who would make the better Bond girl…Michelle or Cindy. Craig’s answer “Oh, now you’ve crossed the line”.  My favorite, Ursula Andress from Dr. No. I prefer to call them Bond Costar’s…let’s not put ownership on 007.

Do you have a favorite Bond, Bond Movie, Bond Costar?

Stop Shaking

Flu season is starting which means more germs, germs, germs. There are two things I think people should work especially hard on. First, sneeze in your arm/sleeve. Who started sneezing in your hand…if you really think about that, it is disgusting. All those germs are going in your hand, then you touch anything and everything, others hands, your keyboard, phones, door knobs, etc. So please, use your arm!! Second, of course, stop shaking hands. Since Obama will be winning on November 4th lets just take his lead with “the bump”. Dr. Bill Norcross (UCSD) suggests bumping elbows or imitating some of the Asian countries and making a slight bow (I’m not a fan of that one though). Have you ever been in a situation when you are in a group for example and they ask everyone to hold hands…UGH. Am I the only one that cringes at that?

About 36,000 people die annually from influenza. Yes that is the extreme end but I don’t even like wasting a day lying in bed because of someone else’s inconsideration. So if you get sick, stay away from people, wash your hands, don’t shake anyone’s hands, sneeze in your arm and don’t use other people’s things at the office. Does anyone else have a good suggestion?

My money is on Obama…not the NFL

According to the S.D Union Tribune we should “forget about sagging home values and the rising local unemployment rate because the Chargers – despite a shaky start – are still likely a playoff team”. WHEW…boy, that sure does put my mind at ease. After reading that article I don’t care if Obama becomes president…just as long as the Chargers win! Wait… damn…they lost Sunday, back to supporting Obama!

Are they kidding, I found this article to be one of the most ridiculous things I have read. They state, “A successful NFL team can lift the per capita personal income of people living in that city by $100 a year”, big shit. What an insult to anyone facing a foreclosure, actually it’s an insult to anyone with a brain; they are belittling our country’s situation.  They also say how fans become more confident when their team is winning and then they are more apt to spend money which will boost the economy. Maybe that holds some truth when our country is “normal” but I would have to argue that theory when we are in a recession. Yes, maybe they are spending more money on beer at the stands or Charger souvenirs but I doubt they are going house hunting.  

If watching a football game brings you happiness then by all means, watch but please don’t insult our intelligence and lead us to think that if your home team goes to the playoffs that everything will be coming up roses.