My Year in Review

 It’s New Years Eve and I wanted to tell people/situations the thought’s I had.

Barack – Good luck; I wish you the best in your new position.

Palin – Go away…you too Miley C.

Bush – Good Riddance

Gas – You finally came to your senses now hover for a while.

Cher – Why did you have to cancel on me?

Prop 8 – Do not think for a minute you have won, you are messing with the wrong people.

Economy – I think we have learned our lesson; can we all come out of the corner now?

Britney – Always remember; act your age, not your shoe size.

OJ – Karma wins.

AIG – Did my party invitation get lost in the mail?

Starbucks – Are you still thriving with now only ONE on every block?

Hillary – If you can’t beat em, join em.

Madonna – You can thank Gloria Steinem, now pay up.

Circuit City – See what happens when I write a disgruntled letter about the company.

Ellen and Portia – I’m very happy for you, keep all those gifts, you will stay married!

Michael Phelps – Sorry but I think you’re a tad overrated.

2008- I’m glad your over and I’m hoping your successor is more promising.

Would anyone like to add to my list?


To hell with my two front teeth


I’m really not trying to be all “Miss America”  like but honestly if someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I would say let Prop 8 go away. Yes, world peace is my goal but baby steps. I was thrilled that Jerry Brown, California Attorney General, stepped forward and changed his course saying the measure that amended the California Constitution to limit marriage to a man and woman is unconstitutional because (drum roll please)…it deprives a minority group of a fundamental right. This man’s job is to defend the law and the entire Constitution…let’s hope he has some clout!!!

I was reading an article yesterday titled “Not another word on Gay Marriage until they execute an adulterer”.  Hey, it states it in the Bible so let the first Prop 8 lover who has never sinned cast that first damn stone!

While we are on the subject I have to say Obama has disappointed me with choosing Rick Warren to speak at his inauguration…why not just choose Palin! Warren not only opposes gay marriage but has compared it to incest and pedophilia. And when it comes to abortion, yes he wants to ban it but he also compared women who have them to Nazis and the pro choice position to Holocaust denial. Like I said, wasn’t Palin available?

Bravo to Brown, Boo to Barack

We’re in the stretch

Yes, we all know it’s only one more week of hell for everyone…seeing millions of posters on the sides of the road (so many that you can’t even read them), phone calls asking or telling you how to vote, commercials on T.V…or should I say lies on T.V, Palin’s face  (sorry, did I say that out loud) and just all around bad chi in the air!

But…I do have to get in one last attempt to try and persuade at least one person to vote for Obama and No on prop 8 in CA…these are my 2 priorities.








As for Prop 8, we all know it is about equality for all, but for anyone who is concerned about the kids…well take 1 minute and 39 seconds to watch this video…what about these kids?

p.s If anyone is invited to an event at the Knights of Columbus, whatever state you live in, please do not go since they are the biggest donators to Yes on Prop 8.  

Two can play at this game

 The DD has to do anything she can to get Obama elected…anything!!

“Governor Sarah Palin gave her speech tonight at the GOP Convention, and it gave people who didn’t know anything about her the chance to finally meet her, you know, like John McCain.” –Jay Leno

Sarah Palin and McCain are a good pair. She’s pro-life and he’s clinging to life.” –Jay Leno

“John McCain has finally decided on his vice president. The only question now is from which house will he make the announcement.” –David Letterman

“Barack Obama said today that he is going to fight for votes in all 50 states. Yeah. That’s what he said. Meanwhile, John McCain said he’s going to fight for votes in all 13 colonies.” –Conan O’Brien

“Cindy McCain sprained her wrist. Doctors say it’s nothing serious — she probably did it cutting John McCain’s meat into little tiny pieces.” –Craig Ferguson

“And how are you going to be the vice president of the United States with five kids to take care of? She’s got a four-month-old of her own, she’s about to become a grandmother, and she’s partnered with John McCain. How many diapers can one woman possibly change?” –Jimmy Kimmel

“Let me ask you a question: is it just me, or does Sarah Palin look like a model for LensCrafters?” –David Letterman

“Did you see Sarah Palin standing next to McCain at the podium the other day when he introduced her? Didn’t it look like one of those commercials where the daughter is trying to find a nice home to put Dad in? ‘We’d like someplace quiet.'” –Jay Leno

“Five kids? Does anyone in that party understand the concept of pulling out?” –Bill Maher