Parenting 202

I couldn’t agree more!


Am I the only one that agree’s with this?


Allowance & Chores

I feel all children should have household chores starting as early as age 3 along with a weekly allowance. I have seen many adults who cannot manage money and wonder if they were ever taught in their youth. Parents…you are teachers! I basically gave my children birthday and Christmas presents, after that anything they wanted they had to buy on their own (minus clothes). Make sure kids also know they don’t get paid for every little thing they do. Some chores are part of being a family, some chores earn allowance and the bigger chores (and I mean BIG) then you can throw some extra $ their way.

I also feel children should buy family members gifts for birthdays and holidays with their own money. Again, this is learning how to budget!

Being able to manage money is one of the great lessons in life that your kids will thank you for teaching them…well maybe not as youths but as adults!

(originally posted April 25th, 08)

Parenting 101 once again

I don’t go to a lot of kids movies but the last two weekends I have seen UP and Night at the Musuem: Battle of the Smithsonian. At the one movie the couple actually toted in a baby/toddler in an infant seat. I’m sorry, if your child is in one of those seats they are too young for a movie and they are not watching it…you are. If that child were to remain quiet throughout the movie then you are fine but it NEVER happens. The kid crys and I have to hear the parent constantly say “shhhhhh” and try to quiet him down. Then at the other movie the parents brought 2 children; one an infant and the other about 2. AGAIN…both were acting up and they did escort the infant out but left the other to whine throughout.

And don’t even comment that I should expect that at a kid’s movie and I should deal with it. No, what I do expect at a kids movie is maybe someone yelling out things here and there like “Mommy…why did he just do that” (I heard that this weekend). But whining and crying is not accepted and you should IMMEDIATELY leave when that happens. What I don’t understand is how a parent can actually continue to sit there…OMG, are they oblivious to the world. Have they not been taught common courtesy?

My plea…summer is here; it’s kid time. Parents; just because a person is a young age it does not give them the right to be obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and just plain bratty. You have to control them, it is your job. I know we are in a recession but this is one job you were not laid off from. It continues until they leave home!!! At the movie theater, restaurant or any public place your child should be taught manners and how to behave. If you are too lazy then do us all a favor and you and the family stay home.

Can I count on you

Parents…stop counting!!!! Why do parents say to their children “I will give you to the count of 5 to ____”. This has got to be one of the dumbest thing a parent can do; counting puts the power in their hands. Have you noticed that a child will usually stop what they are doing at the count of 4…just one away from the deadline. How can that not irritate the person counting, not to mention you look ridiculous to all the other parents. If I say “stop yelling” I expect it to happen right away. I have never had a boss at a job say “finish your project by the time I count to 10” or a policeman say, “stop shooting your gun by the time I count to 5”. Life does not work like that. I have said it over and over again…a parents job is to teach.

So parents, by the time I count to 5, I would like you all to stop counting! One, two, three, four…ahh.

Shit, this is hard

An earthquake would probably be easier to handle in Los Angeles then trying not to swear for a week. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has issued a proclamation making this week “No Cussing Week” thanks to a 15 year old, McKay Hatch. McKay wants to clean up people’s language, he says that when he began 7th grade he noticed his friends beginning to swear, something his family wouldn’t allow.  Good for you McKay.

I know when my kids were young they were not allowed to swear, I didn’t even allow them to say “that sucks”. I tried to teach my kids that even when you are older swearing is not the answer; it only makes you look stupid.  I won’t lie, I do once in a while use that dreaded “f” word when I am FURIOUS, it just makes me feel better! The only difference is I use it with little or no people around. The other day my manfriend and I were sitting at a bar and the gentleman sitting a few seats down from me was swearing his head off. I found this very annoying; I really don’t understand how people can throw these words around in public and so loudly. What an ass he was (ass is Ok…right)?

Last week I was at a high school and this one guy was screaming “f— this” and “f— that”. I was amazed, is this allowed at school now? I guess there is a trade off…when I was a kid I was allowed to smoke at school but not swear. Now you can swear but not smoke. What about spitting…can you spit in school. I hate spitting.

We know our teens will probably swear, just try to teach them the right and wrong time to do it.

Recipe for Lunch


There is a saying that says anyone can be a parent, unfortunately there is no test to be taken before conception. I have to wonder about this woman, she actually took the time to write Dear Abby about how her 16 year old and she keep having a disagreement. The daughter feels it is the mom’s responsibility to make her lunch every day. There is so much wrong with this story. Why does the mom need to write Abby, I mean c’mon. 16 year olds know how to have sex so I would think making a sandwich is that much easier. Daughter…

1.       Take bread out

2.       Get a knife, peanut butter and jelly

3.       With knife, spread your P&J over the bread

4.       If you choose, you can cut sandwich in half

5.       Eat

I remember once I was at a friend’s house and we were having a conversation and her 13 year old son kept interrupting us for her to make his lunch. God how I wanted to say “are you kidding, make it yourself”. I made my lunch when I was in the 1st grade and so did my kids…this way I know they made it the way they like it and they won’t throw it away at school…and the fact that they were quite capable of doing it. I think it makes them feel independent. How cool to say “I made my own lunch”.

Parents, if you really enjoy doing this task, well then go for it but at least TEACH them how to do it. If you keep doing everything for them their future mate will kill you! Teach them cooking, cleaning, laundry, budgeting, etc…all that important stuff they need to know so they will not appear to be so pathetic. Don’t waste Abby’s time with these letters, a parent should know the answer to that one.

Lesson Learned

I was shopping at Albertson’s supermarket this past week and overheard a statement I wanted to share with everyone. A mom was shopping with her two children, twin boy and girl age 6. I heard the mom say to her son “just because it is too heavy for you doesn’t mean it’s too heavy for a girl. Don’t tell her that”.  They were near the milk so I assumed they were speaking of a gallon of milk.

I just loved the fact she pointed that out to him and at a young age because it is at young ages that kids are most impressionable. It’s also very important that the girl heard this because if she didn’t, her whole life she may never try to do something that a man cant. She may assume things that are not true about her. Yes, it is only a gallon of milk in the supermarket but that is where it starts. I applaud the mother for not just letting that comment slip by.